Darth Athena build - "Savior, conqueror, hero, villain"

(sorry for my grammar, but English isn’t my main language)
So I like Athena and Star Wars….and Derch, so I’ve made this build. Derch’s Darth Timothy can be compared to Darth Vader, but Athena (for me) feels more like Revan, because she doesn’t belongs to any company, neither Atlas or Hyperion (light and dark side). Of course the main weapon is Spadroon, so it’s basically deputy/melee/laser build.

(I’m the best Photoshop user)

1. Skill Tree:

My com is Celestial Gladiator, I was also using Cannoness class mod, but with Celestial Gladiator I have better survival ability.

  1. Phalanx (Battle Meditation):
  • Ephodus (5/5) - Bonus movement speed and gun dmg.
  • Vanguard (5/5) - Health Regeneration.
  • Hold the Line (5/5) - bonus duration of Aspis.
  • Prismatic Aspis - storing elemental dmg is great and hepls with Maelstorm.
  • Clear! - because bonus +40% dmg in FFYL is great.
  • United Front and Prepare for Glory - bonus shield capacity, activating recharging of shield and bonus gun dmg.
  • Wrath of the Goddes- because it’s ricocheting Aspis.
  1. Xiphos (Lightsaber Combat):
  • Gun Kata (5/5) - bonus incresing melee dmg and once again gun dmg.
  • Omega Senshu (5/5) - This skill increases the damage Athena deals to enemies that have less than 50% of their maximum health left.
  • Mercurial (5/5) - spending most of the time at melee range isn’t the safest way to play, so bonus dmg resistance is good and movement speed can really help running straight right to enemies.
  • Rend - bonus DoT (bleeding effect).
  • Tear (5/5)- once again bonus gun dmg, but only against bleeding enemies
  • Blood Rush - I love this skill and it’s my favorite melee overide in the series, with this you can freeze enemy on range, use Blood Rush to short this range, amplify Bleed and you can kill a Badass in seconds using the Spadroon. + it can kill trash mobs very easy
  1. Ceuronic Storm (Using the Force):
  • Maelstorm - because it’s Maelstorm
  • Storm Weaving (5/5) - bonus Fire rate and Elemental effect chance for helping getting Maelstorm stacks with Spadroon.
  • Gathering Tempest (3/5) - increasing the mag size and reload speed.
    Coduit (2/5) - When you have active DoTs your shield is regenerating.
  • Smite - another good skill When you are in the air or being knocked back you can Smite the enemies by shooting them. This skill is getting boosted by Maelstorm and has cooldown.
  • Unrelenting (4/5) -kill skill, increases Athena’s Weapon Swap Speed and Fire Rate for a brief time, based on how many stacks of Maelstrom have been accumulated.
  • Zeus’s Rage - The explosion caused by the Aspis’ impact after throwing causes a massive area-of-effect cloud, dealing both incendiary and shock damage over the course of several seconds. Additionally, the damage of the storm increases in proportion to the damage absorbed by the Aspis prior to being thrown.
  • Elemental barriage (5/5) - because free ammo is great.

2. Weapons:

  1. Spadroon - It’s basically a Lightsaber, very short range, but with Athena’s tanking abilities and mobility she can fight at point blank range with this gun. The very high recoil can be problematic, but just try to realod this weapon after every kill or even in any free moment. While fighting without Aspis I recommend to aiming down sights right to the crit spot.

  2. Vibra-Pulse - ,UNLIMITED POWAAH!”, let’s be honest, you need to fight some airbourne enemies and when you have low health it can be used for healing (Force Drain).

  3. For freezing and against shock resistang enemies I can recommend those two guns:

  • Fridgia - it doesn’t fits thematiclly this build BUT it’s so good at freezing enemies.
  • Excalibastard - , Vibroblade”, locked parts, so always cryo and with melee attachment. Critical hits have 100% chance to freeze targets with ranged and melee while wielding the weapon. Meleeing frozen enemies with this weapon generates a singularity that pulls enemies.
  1. For stacking
  • Hyperion Development or Crowd Pleaser - another not so fiting weapons, but against very big bosses those weapons are great.
  • T4s-R - ,Blaster Pistol”, I like the fire one, one of the best pistols in this game, very high accuracy, fire rate and elemental effect chance.

##3. Items:

  1. Shield of Ages - ,Holocron", basically the best shield in the game for tanking. With Athena’s shield-oriented skills you can survive a lot of things.

  2. Quasar - ,Force Push/Force Pull/Force Drain” - I love this grenade mod, increased blast radius and Tesla effect.

  3. 3DD1.E - ,Life support system”, Also grants an increase to shield capacity, laser weapon damage and airborne movement control.

##From Me

I don’t have good PC to record any type of video showing this build in combat, but trust me, I’ve killed using the Spadroon for the most part - both versions of Sentinel, Deadlift, Nel, RedBelly, Bosun and 5H4D0W-TP in arena without any major problems. It’s good in regular combat and in Holodome and I love this build so much.

I know that can be some existing Spadroon Builds but I just wanted to share mine build. If you want to criticize, go ahead, I’m open for any opinion.

May the Force be with you.


Have you tried using a glitched Maliwan Beam Laser on this build?