Darwinian Exodus RTT

In an effort to make this place as inclusive as possible to any form of dialogue, we’ve created a thread specifically for the discussions, musings, and overall communications of the recent group of friends that joined our forum en masse.

Please note the following;

  1. You’re in no way limited to this thread. This is just a place that you guys can discuss things that may be more relevant to your specific group than others. It is for your ease, not your limitation.
  2. Since this thread is tailor made for you lads and ladies, you may also use it to discuss specific topics (i.e. games and tech) at your leisure, although we do suggest that you use separate threads for that.
  3. You’re still welcome to use that Random Talk Thread as much as anyone else is, remember though that the standard of RTT is;

Then it should go in this thread.
4. Other users are welcome to use this thread. Since they may want to get to know you, or they may want to get in on some of your topics.
5) This thread is subject to the same rules as the rest of the forum. We have never had, nor will we ever have, an “anything goes” section. A.K.A. Mordor.

Formal Invtiations;


If I’ve missed any members of your group, please inform me and I’ll send out an invitation to them as well.

You may also use this thread to ask any questions you may have about the forum, our policies on matters.

If you have any questions about conduct or whether a material is objectionable or not, please contact me directly and I’ll respond whenever I happen to see it.

Enjoy guys.

[spoiler]Darwinian. Get it? How are you people not laughing right now!?

“You must not understand humor in general. See, humor is based on subverting expectations, often through play-on words.” - Claptrap.


Thanks for making this - we have a pm up and running so we don’t interfere and cause conflict with the rest of the community, so we’ll try and keep our mindless blabberings there :wink:

For clarification, is the random talk thread for short bursts of short discussions, but more prolonged discussions belong either here or in a specialised thread?

Thanks again ^.^

Well thanks for keeping us in mind, certainly appreciate it. So far the staff here has seemed very welcoming.

Prolonged discussions of a comparatively breif nature which are community inclusive have occurred in the RTT, but they tend to change with the flow. So they’re rare and limited to an expression of a thought, as opposed to a continuous dialogue.

I.E. Some one can say; “I prefer Red Wine.” the other can say “I prefer White Wine.” They’d post their opinions on the matter and engage in a bit of a verbal spar, but if they were to continue, it should really go in to the “wine thread”.

As for using the PM function, please feel free! Absolutely.

The threads are easier to navigate, and tend to be more open to others joining in on the dialogue. I wanted to make sure none of you were feeling shy about making one, so I felt it best to role out the welcome mat.

It is really our pleasure, and we very much are very happy to have you.

Differing opinions, creeds, mentalities, wine preferences, these are all things we welcome here in the absolute. So long as it is polite and inclusive, as you lot have been, it is not only welcome; but also promoted.

I get the feeling you really like wine :stuck_out_tongue:


Who me?

Slander and libel, I tell you. Who spread such defamation about my sterling reputation to abstain from the devil drink?

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The latin in your title, for one. Truth in wine, hm?

I would’ve gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you darn kids and that dog.

But, yeah. I’m a Wine/Liquor Shop owner.

So where did all of you even come from anyhow?

It seems they came over from the Evolve forums.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

Yep. Forums for Turtle Rock Studios, creators of Evolve. For reasons that shall remain semi-private, we had to find a new home. One of our group was on your old forum, and suggested here.

A few already had accounts, because of Battleborn.

Battleborn is awesome. I’m really getting antsy waiting for the beta. I’ve already pre-ordered the game for both the PS4 and the PC.

Rath is my soul mate.

If I had soul, mind you.

I’m pretty sure you do. It’s the one in the small cookie jar that looks like a chubby kitten, right?


My secrets! Theyve been leaked!


Of course you do Kitty! :wink:

Quickly! Unlist thread! :wink:

It’s too young to die D:

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Death, is only the beginning