Dashboarding The Spyware Who Came In From The Cold?

Im going to be starting Clappy’s DLC with my Wilhelm today.

Got my 200 Moonstones ready.

If you dont like what you get from the glitch chest, is it possible to dashboard farm it?

I don’t see why not.

Probably should have mentioned this in original post, but i tried with my Clappy in UVHM DLC and it didnt work.

Maybe i just had the timing off.

Has anyone actually done it?

Is there a save point next to it? Because you might have triggered that.



Well, I’ll be trying again today!

unless you went to save point then dashboarded I don’t see why it won’t work.

maybe pop the 200 moonstones, open the chest and if it’s bad loot dashboard right then.

It works! You restart at the mission-complete-screen. Dashboard-farmed my Social Thinking this way.

…removed after reading post below…

… don’t see how dashboarding is different, but ain’t gonna risk it…

'Cause Psychic or Kitty will give you a warning for talking about that…

Thanks guys.

I just want a sweet glitched shotty for my shotgun only Willy!

I’ve got 2 pretty solid glitched shotguns. I love the glitch weapons, a nice addition to the weapons in the game.

I dashboardrd for over an hour, saw a few decent shotguns but nothing spectacular.

Finally settled on a Cryo SMG that had three 4’s and one 1.

Maybe i need ti become more cognizant of glitch effects but i know a lot of 4’s is better than a lot of 1’s or 0’s.

why dashboard, just follow claptrap through the quarantine zone, when you go out the other side , use the jumppad, where you land claptrap opens a big door and a glitched chest falls out and it always has a glitched weapon in it (also does not cost 200 moonstones). Now to farm it and this is important, go no farther then this chest as soon as you pickup the glitched weapon, just save and quit, restart the game you start back up on top , follow claptrap down again. just repeat this as long as you want.

I have farmed this chest over 60 times in a row and it never gave me the same weapon twice and never spent 1 moonstone.
Note; Helps to have a friend with some mules or a second account for farming over 39 times

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