Dastardly Maggie bugged?

Is the Dastardly Maggie bugged or something? I know it received a damage nerf like all Jakobs pistols but when looked at the damage recently it said this:

And when I went offline farming, the damage was around 575x5. 225x5 is way more than 15% damage nerf. Is this a bug or something?

The difference between offline and online has nothing to do with the hotfix -15% nerf.
There are different values to some weapons in offline mode, same with experience, droprates.
Don’t ask me why, I guess the devs didn’t make it in time for the release.
Before the recent dmg nerf the Maggie had ~ 250 x 6 dmg online.

It needs a buff, don’t see any reason why I’d use a Maggie over a purple Masher.

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Apparently in one of the hot fixes they doubled its - weapon damage prefix.

The Maggie and all Mashers took a heavy nerf to their damage before that recent Hotfix (this did essentially break the Maggie to just being a downgrade in terms of damage compared to Mashers and even most purple Jakobs pistols).
When playing Offline, those nerfs are currently not applied and neither is the 15% damage nerf.

I think Mashers are fine … the best one I have is 603 * 5 = 3015 damage:

Only the Maggie needs a buff as it can not even reach half of the damage of a Masher.

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Masher are fine compared to the -80% damage hit Maggie takes online. Maggie deals less damage then purple Marshals. It doesn’t even need a buff, they just need to get rid of the extra -30% damage they tacked on to it online.

Holy F’n ■■■■■…I am jealous

Still the same after last hotfix. Shame.

This is disappointing, as Mashers have been my fav guns since BL1. This is crazy that the Maggie is this ineffectual compared to other mashers. What makes it Legendary? Is it simply the one extra pellet? (it does x6 while all other mashers are x5) or is there something else it does? After hours and hours of play and farming, I finally got a Maggie, and the damage isn’t even close to my purple Masher, and my Masher is around 520x5, which isn’t even the highest the purps can go. They need to nix or at least greatly adjust the -dmg that comes with the Maggie by default

I believe one of the Maggie’s parts is bugged. More specifically, the barrel. It’s reducing the Maggie’s dmg by 82% instead of the regular -56% that it has offline. That is a huge difference because it takes the Maggie’s original damage (higher than even the strongest purple Masher) and made it the worst masher, basically.

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It’s original damage was 575x6. That gives it more damage than even the strongest Masher. I believe the barrel part is bugged so instead of reducing the damage by 56% (offline), it instead decreases dmg by -82% (online). It doesn’t even need to be adjusted. It just needs to be reverted to what it was before


This makes sense. I hope they realize this, and its getting fixed. I’ve been farming for hours to get one (and an Unforgiven with the 400+ crit bonus) and I finally got the Maggie, only to find out its weak as hell (comparative to other Mashers)