Dat Cloak Regen 0.0

So yea, Gravwells recharge too for their duration in my opinion. But I just time Cloak Generators to see the difference. Talk about another extreme!

1:40 second duration. 5:00 recharge time! Yea. If I ever develop a cloak generator strat. It will involve retiring and replacing those things.

Well, if you had 3 capital ships with the module it could be kept up indefinitely.

Although, it could use a buff. Nobody uses cloak sensors or proximity sensors because nobody goes cloak.

I was talking about the HW1 gens.

The HW1 Cloak generators can be tripled up for perma-cloak. The reason for the current timing is to only allow a single perma-cloak task force, with a spare somewhere else. A pair is enough to make a run to target, then they can recharge while the fight is on.

A pair of HW1 cloaks, with a gravwell in the center of a broad formation, has been in my playbook since '99.

It is still valid today, but can be turned into something hideous in HWR.

HW1 player transfers 2 cloaks and a well to a HW2 player that has 4 Marine Frigates handy, and maybe some sensor distorts.

HW1 cloak/gravwell group with a Hiigy BC is just nasty. Hard to strip modules when a cloaked gravwell is active. This frees up a BC slot for Fire Control and a Hyperspace… then the whole shebang is mobile and cloaky.

The downside is the current visual and GUI side-effects of using the special of a race not your own.

I have had Taidani team mate tell me that his ships inside my Hiigaran cloak field would flash enough to bother him. Trying to be a nice guy and cloak resourcers… and give my ally a headache. :smile:

I had a Hiigaran team mate tell me that every time he attempted to use my HW1 cloaks or wells that I transferred to him… his GUI would disallow 3D movement and/or ship selection for a short time.

Once these and other small control issues are resolved, then you will see mix-n-match strats that will make you forget all about the time limits.

Perma-cloak a HW2 carrier for close-in production support.

2 HW1 cloaks escorting a BC with a HW2 cloak. Throw in HW1 well. Drain enemy tears into martini glass.

Hw1 wells spread across every ally to keep ship caps for HW1 player.

You need more than 3 HW1 cloak generators for a permanent chain as that amount is not enough to regenerate the rate of energy expenditure.

In addition, HW1 cloak generators can not be reactivated unless they have a minimum of 50% energy.

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Right. these things are almost use and scuttle. Once depleted, they are just taking up a unit cap spot.