Dat ISIC and El Dragón clarification

So I said to myself “man there has to be an easy way to do their 2 minion killin lore challenges” so I was wondering when it says “minions” does it HAVE to be the robo b*tches or do little ghetto thralls count

It has to be robots.

Well crap… I guess close this then lol

Do the Algorithm over and over again.

Best way is to solo it and let Geoff spam spider-babies at you. Managed to get ISIC’s lore challenge that way in two tries, and only because Geoff glitches and stopped doing anything during his second phase the first time.

Yeah, I had that glitch once too.

Otherwise, get Geoff up to his second phase (After you gas him out of the FIRST upgrade building only), and he’ll spawn increasing numbers of minions, capping out at 6.

He spawns them frequently enough that you have just enough cooldown time on your plasma dash before the next wave shows up. You can also let them build up to larger numbers and take out 2-3 waves if you can kite them into one big group. That would require one of the size increasing augments for plasma dash, keep in mind.

ISIC’s minions also count as, well, minions. If you can kill them before they explode (or ISIC kills them with friendly fire), you can farm them for these challenges. They have very low health, so it’s not a bad option. His 3rd phase is best for this, since he’ll spawn minions after every other attack.