Date And Time Of BattleBorn Closed Beta

Can Anyone Tell Me When The BattleBorn Closed Beta Starts Please?

I don’t think anyone knows yet, sorry. We are all waiting to find out more too.

Yeah it seems we are just playing the waiting game now. I imagine it’s not too far off.

Considering they sent out emails for the NDA, I can only assume it would be starting soon but who knows what systems, regions, or anything else like that. Im sure gearbox isnt even sure where or when to roll it out just yet.

Yeah, I’m sure they will want to get PC spec’s from people too at some point for testing purposes. I’d guess that would be the next step, then invites for each stage they want to test based on the things they specified already and your computer specs.

yeah, but if they could, console release beta who help expedite that a bit, until a really serious pc test.

Do we know how the specking out of PCs is going to work yet? I’m guessing its going to be similar to the Steam hardware survey to make things easy, but I have no clue. Also, is there a timeframe for that step yet?

unfortunately I don’t think it has been announced somewhere :frowning:

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