Date for Next hotfix?

Is there any Info on when the next hotfix is going to hit?
I expect it to nerf the HECK out of the dlcs droprates, so i am considering to cancel my plans with my freinds to farm the dlcs boss for some godrolls.

They usually come thursdays, but since it was christmas no hotfix has rolled out yet.

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I think its tuesday. It will have the takedown scale to single player when it drops.

Ah great! So there is still some time left :slight_smile:

Dec 31st with Maliwan Takedown scaling.

Why would you cancel plans just for RNG?

I believe he wouldn’t want to farm for drops that you have a 1/1,000,000 chance of getting it. But with the current dedicated loot pool the drop rate is drastically increased. Which I believe that should be all bosses dedicated loot pools. I made an extensive post about the dedicated loot pools, if you have time check it out and comment what you think

Because I can farm now for 8 hours instead of later for the rest of my life xD