(Day 4 - Level 29) Lets play BL2

Hi folks. I have recently started a new game and am looking for some people to play with.

I plan on playing this game daily for the foreseeable future so you should see me on quite a bit. I should also be able to rank up fairly quickly. I am mainly a halo player, but borderlands seems like a fun casual game to play in between.
I stream from time to time. Unfortunately my mic is out of action for the next week or so, so I wont be able to talk in game (unless we use skype). I can however hear what other people are saying.

Going to be playing BL2. Presently lvl 15. Feel free to come play. I am from the UK.

GT - vBlite

Back on just now and should be on for a few hours. Presently level 20. I am running through all the side missions as well as main missions, feel free to join if you want. I still do not have a mic but can hear. If you could be around my level that would be even better.

GT - vBlite

About to get on, now level 24. Doing main and side quests. No mic. For an inv message me. GT - vBlite

I’m now level 29.

Logging on to play for a few hours. Will be playing all side missions and main missions. Message me for an inv.

GT - vBlite