Day one buyer rant (not my rant)

not my rant i bought it day one season pass and all got tons of hours out of the game even got max rank and multiple max characters im good just want to know what people think about what this guy is saying or is he just being a bit to much entitled m also glad you guys finally went free whatever the future of the game is im glad i got to play/still playing the game

this was kind of funny. i think the question is was the botched release intentional or just unexpected? to me i always thought the game just had more of an identity issue. If it was stricty MOBA PVP game i could see this but the point of it was supposed to be a mix of MOBA and co-op ■■■■■■■. but this hybrid approach meant neither mode could stand alone on its own. They could have done this from beginning that is F2P multiplayer and season pass for the missions and it may have been a better model. but i dont know it was done intentionally this way i just think they under estimated some of the early issues that kept the game from holding its population. Lack of Training, slow balance updates, slow character unlock progression, some ridiculous lore challenges, complicated gear system that was poorly explained, lack of missions (only 8) that took too long to complete or had instafail conditions (im looking at you sabotuer, experiment), poor scaling difficulty with missions etc.

the PvP had some issues early and the missions also had bugs, which is standard for almost any game on release sadly (still not acceptable but it is the reality). i dont mind being a founder. in fact im proud i purchased the game 1st week of launch and was able to get a lot of great moments out of it. I think if they could redo release they may have done it differently than it was and the game would have been more financially successful. perhaps the best plan would have been to delay until they had the winter update ready and include that at launch. but i also think some of those changes were based on user feedback, but there were some things they said they wanted to do at launch but didnt have the time. obviously there is always release pressure from publishing companies so probably wasnt an option at the time. i dont think that it was intentionally deceitful like the guy in the video is saying. you can get the game now for $9.99 after a little over year of release so if GB could have been more successful with a different release model, i think they would have done it.