DC, connection lost, straight up crashes /icry

(Update) reinstalling removed the crashes and lowered the disconnects. Still happens but it’s now playable.

Have been playing the game since launch. Mostly love it, the story, the guns the locations. However a main component for me is the co-op play. First few days had a few crashes and disconnects, but nothing crazy, still playable and enjoyable. These last few days the disconnect and crashing has escalated to the point where I cannot have anyone join me for more than 2-3 mins before it forces the game into complete crash, 4 within 30 mins and all after sending a report, restarting epic and the game. I have read every forum I can find, tried changing the region, manually inputting the language preference, settings to default, cloudsync off, run Epic as administrator, run windows compatibility troubleshooter… I’m so frustrated. Uninstalled and reinstalling game, but this is my last ditch effort before I’m totally lost. I expected this issue to clear up with the patch that just dropped vut no dice. Epic, Gearbox, 2kgaming, someone please…

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I hope my creply brings back this on the main board. Because it’s still happening.
Its been 10 months and we still have these crashes.

Im taking the time to write this because i just did.
BL3 froze because i lost connection to steam for a second, which apparently, its unacceptable for SHiFT.
And this is singlelayer. In coop, oh boy, that’s a nightmare. Each step we take we are rolling a dice to see if we crash.