Dc-ing in the moment you're about to die

So, on European servers there are at least two or three known players (don’t know whether to name them, but it’s not important for discussion) who, when they’re about to die in match, disconnect in order not to die, and then rejoin like nothing happened. Sometimes they’re not fast enough, but too often they get away with that ■■■■■■■■. The only thing we can do is report them…for what? Cheating. Ok, report for cheating. How does that help? How to put a stop to that frustrating ■■■■■■■■? Gearbox?

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How to put a stop to it;
I’ve seen a few people use this “strategy” and none of them really try to stay alive.
They’ll faceroll, lose health, DC. So; Keep making them DC. They don’t get to play or level up. They lose.

In the end this is much more unfair to their own team than the enemy - their team ends up with someone who does not contribute in any way. They are so afraid of that death count that they’d rather not play, but still they feel the need to bother other people with their presence. Usually when I kill a DC’er before they DC they leave the match for good. It’s hilarious. Yet sad.

Did not even realise this was a thing, how sad

Their positive K/D ratio sure is gonna look nice next to their absolutly abyssmal W/L lol

Seen plenty of people do this. Quick question, does the game in any way track the quits of players? Seen some teams all quite just before the end credits.

If they made it where it took longer and longer to reconnect they would stop doing it.