DC's are just outrageous

I don’t know if people are dropping on purpose or if the servers are messing up or what, but DC’s are getting outrageous. 4/5 games today one of the team had a DC, 3 of which were mine.

■■■■ has got to stop.

I know that ever since the latest patch my connections have been horrible in PvE and basically unplayable in PvP. I never had an issue before.

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I have had problems with disconnections ever since the live release, but they seem to have gotten10 times worse ever since that last patch where they added alani. I thought i was going to hate the game before I played the beta but I became a total fanboy after giving it a chance, lately im feeling like I have been massively let down/betrayed because as much as I want to play, I am at this point almost afraid to play because I know its just going to end up with the same frustrating disconnections totally destroying the enjoyment of playing.

Gearbox has no problem with 4 or 3 v 5 teams looks like

I often get put into games where my ping is well over 200. At which point, me being in the game or not makes no difference as all i can do is feed, since im constantly walking into walls :frowning:

Here’s another culprit: PvE Players trying to finish PvP Lore Challenges.

Did they not get Alani, because someone else took them? Drop.
Did they play Alani or Gali and there’s no Ambra on the opponent’s team? Drop.
Whiskey and no Oscar Mike? Drop.
Did they play Toby and the opposing team is demonstrating skill, ruining any chance of a Killing on Rails? Drop.
Did they play Ghalt and not get, or even did get, First Blood? Drop.
Are there not enough player’s grouping for the Alani’s Riptide? Drop.

Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop. Drop.

All. Day. Long.

Get rid of PvP and PvE only Lore challenges, stop forcing your Players to play modes they don’t want to play, and they’ll stop behaving badly and ruining other people’s games!


The lore challenges are why people quit 1/10 times.
Too many other variables. Plus, unranked games so there should be no punishment for quitting.

Even if it is 1/10, and neither of us have hard numbers to back up the exact proportion, that’s still one more DC to deal with.

BB servers on steam are a ghost town. Barely anyone plays and when you get a match it’s pretty much an instant 4v5 followed by a surrender. Between that and the horrendous matchmaking, the PvP in this game is coming to a halt (at least on PC).

Yet another reason to not focus on presenting Battleborn as PvP game, other than that it isn’t! If people continue to talk about it as a PvP game, and the PvP withers, then the game withers with it. It’s so much more than PvP, and we should focus on supporting that and telling that story!

Uhh…PvP is the only longevity this game has.

Those missions get old real fast. You can add a new mission once and awhile but what’s easier? Making good PvP where players continously make their own content or putting hundreds of man hours into a 30 minute mission that will eventually get played out and tired becuase it’s a repetitive script?

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Or you take the time to make playing PvP its own reward, rather than ham-fistedly forcing it upon Players, and ensure that PvP has some longevity to begin with. And in the meantime you make your PvE experience rewarding and fun, rather than polluting it with PvP that some will never be interested in and others are waiting for polish on.

There’s a lot else wrong with PvP besides the toxicity that forcing PvE Players in to it is introducing. But that’s only going to get resolved once you have good data to begin polishing PvP with. Right now that data is being polluted by Players there for Lore Challenges, that aren’t contributing to matches effectively, and that aren’t invested in PvP and so aren’t focused on looking for systems already in place to counter and balance characters, but instead are just crying OP on those characters.

A good PvP experience is built by an invested PvP Player base, that pushes the game, tests it for weakness, and provides solid data to polish that experience with. A bad PvP experience is created by people who are only there to collect something (Lore Challenges in this case), aren’t invested at all, and don’t care about your Win / Loss record. You’ll constantly have to cut through the noise these Players generate to get at what’s really going on, and sometimes you’ll even end up making weird decisions that surprise everyone based on bad data, like nerfing Ambra’s Ultimate out of nowhere.

How are they forcing PvP upon players? You don’t have to master characters if you don’t want to.

But if you do want to, they should each have a portion of the lore locked behind PvP challenges.

There was a developer post today from @JoeKGBX saying that they are analyzing the lore challenges. Hopefully they will address many of these issues!

From this thread- http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/dear-gbx-somebody-please-break-the-silence-or-communication-is-golden/1489723/42