[DDD] Fragtrap's skills for you!

It also sucks for large mag, less damaging weapons like SMGs, certain ARs, and certain pistols.

I get that these aren’t the go-to weapons for a Claptrap, but I do want to note that OSW with these weapons is a wonderful way to waste 70+ bullets while doing no damage.

iirc in the case of OSW the splash bonus for said guns gets applied to the shot anyway (I could be wrong).

Also this is a general thing but OSW doesn’t actually deal damage * mag size. Changing either (or both) definitely affects it but there seems to be other factors involved in its damage formula.

It does, it just can’t be boosted by OLT while OSW is active. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The game considers your gun to always be on the last shot with OSW, but OLT only boost the splash of your second to last shot.

I didn’t really test it that much, but I thought it went…

(base damage*(mag size/ammo consumed per shot rounded up))*the normal gun damage equation

So a 9 mag Ravager that does 300 total damage now has a 900 OSW damage(then of course the rest of the normal formula).

Really? Whenever I get OSW with the Flakker I always seem to do better with it. Although that might just be the effect of OSW firing all the shots at once. How does OLT work with the Luck Cannon? That could probably be a good indicator of how OSW works with OLT.

(base damage*(mag size/ammo consumed per shot rounded up))*the normal gun damage equation

Nope, from what I’ve seen it’s damage * mag * multiplier * gun damage equation, at least for 1 ammo per shot guns. I’m not sure what the multiplier is exactly, but my theory is that it’s determined by the difference between the mag size and a certain value. I tested it a while back with a bunch of Vladof pistols, and the multiplier for most was around 0.88, but whenever the pistol had a notably larger mag size than the rest the multiplier was smaller. I also tested a couple of Jakobs and Scav pistols, and the multiplier was generally above 1 for Jakobs but around 0.5 (or something like that) for Scav.

No bar

Just like I said.

Thanks for the other info. Once I had learn it didn’t work like I wanted it to I stopped testing it.


So perhaps ammo per shot isn’t as important in OSW’s damage formula; if I can kill just as well (if not better) with a 10-mag Flakker and OSW as I can without, then it might be 9 extra shots’ worth of splash damage going off instead of OLT splash.


Base OLT


Base OSW

Again, it works like I said it did.

Interesting; whenever I use it with the Flakker I always have roughly the same damage output as I do with OLT (even against big bosses), i.e. roughly 10 shots’ worth of damage rather than 3 as shown here.

Perhaps it was changed since my last experience with OSW; I definitely didn’t notice a drop in DPS last time I used it.

Still, it doesn’t overly gimp Torgue shotguns like you say it does. Great package even for them.

edit 3: do it again with no Tripleclocked (i.e. with a friend) just for clarification with damage numbers


It’s a lot bigger bonus than that. Provided OLT is calculated with the weapon’s base damage only, it’s really only +440% extra damage since it’s bullet only. Add 1-2 extra shots and the multiplier (which should be a positive one since the mag should be low enough) and you’re looking at 30-50% extra damage than from a regular OLT shot. If OLT is mult. with OSW, however, then you’re doubling or tripling the total damage from a single mag- more than that, actually, if you factor in crits and the multiplier. Either way the extra damage is still good.

tl;dr OSW is great even for bullet/splash

There is an error in “its a trapcard”: the mega-nova gets released upon the depletion of your shield, not by killing an enemy. And the nova is centered around you, so you always get the healing (which should be mentioned).

It makes the Flakker relatively useless. And the fewer shots in the mag your Torgue shotty has, the worse it plays with OSW.

I have no PC Borderlands friends, and the difference between the pics was that the OSW had like -5.7% damage.

How so? The bullets on the last shot get all 880% of the damage boost. And the 85% splash of Torgue shotties gets all 880% of the damage boost on the second to last shot.

OLT isn’t multiplicative and its not multiplicative with OSW, it is additive both ways.

I don’t see how crits or more beneficial for OSW over normal gun play.

You still get a sizeable bonus on every shot, whereas normally you have to make a filler shot before getting the OLT bonus. Maybe the sustain DPS is less but when you have a faster chance to get your Killbot earlier.[quote=“khimerakiller, post:47, topic:28911”]
And the fewer shots in the mag your Torgue shotty has, the worse it plays with OSW.
The fewer the shots. the higher the multiplier, so not really.

880% to the bullet only, not to the splash. You said yourself that OSW doesn’t get OLT splash. It does, however, add the splash from the other shots. So maybe not 440% with the shotgun splash nerf, but still pretty good.

Earlier you said that OSW is mult. with all gun damage boosts. As I said earlier though it’s still good whether it’s additive or not.

More gun damage = more crit damage, as opposed to a penultimate shot where OLT doesn’t get crits due to applying to the splash.

Yes I’ve read your guide; it doesn’t take OSW into accont though.

True, I thought you said non-OSW play only got 440%. I guess I read your other post wrong.

I’ll go and do some real test. But what I had originally said was that OSW becomes your new base damage and every thing else is the same. But at the same time that was a 5 min test 3 months ago.

Makes sense…?maybe?, but again I’ll do some test like I said because iirc OLT calculated weird w/ OSW when I tested this for my Claptrap speed kill.

When you test try for a mag in the 10-20 something range; I’m not exactly sure what the mag size should be for the damage to actually be dmg * mag but based on what I tested it seems to be in that range.

Fixed it, thanks. I accidentally copied the information from You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME!! :blush:

F One Shot Wonder

I’m Rubber You’re Glue’s action package is great when you are with a Jack that is in grenade centric build. Not only does Torgue Feista have them throw out a grenade for free, but it also regenerates the grenades of your allies. It is truely ridiculous.

But your allies must be ok with possibly being hit by the bombs, so it is situational…

the penalty from Safety First is NOT additive gun damage but a (weird) multiplier (the penalty from All the guns works the same (tested it) )

96.07672882 (level scaled) gun damage on card
0.047568321 is the additive gun damage data from BAR
87.51907349 gun damage modified by Safety First and Additives.

I can read those numbers in game with great precision …
Because it is included at this stage this multiplier is NOT a SPEC MULT (those aren’t included at this stage at the calculation), it is a modifier the the gun’s base damage.

Calculation / Verification
(96.07672882 / (1 + 1 * 0.15)) * ( 1 + 0.047568321) = 87.519

Which means triple clocked can Really HURT your gun based damage output unless you have a way to quickly clear the defensive subroutines

1/ 1.15 = * 0.869565
1/1.25 = * 0.8 // rope a derp gun damage multiplier NOT TESTED YET
1/ 1.45 = * 0.689655 // triple clocked maxed gun damage multiplier All guns/ Safety First
1/1.75 = * 0.5714285 // triple clocked Maxed rope a derp gun damage multiplier NOT TESTED YET

obviously it affects things like Coincidental Combustion

test data (this was a vladoff electric pistol used against health both electric and explosive have *1 vs health)

 125      548.473 Max       370.575 Cur      415.049 Prev       44.474 Damage
  16      548.473 Max       308.203 Cur      370.575 Prev       62.372 Damage


1.15 is coincidental combustion’s multiplier
1.219499946 was my explosive damage multiplier from my Sapper COM
48.82318497 scaled weapon card damage

48.82318497 / (1 + 1 * 0.15)) * ( 1 + 0.047568321) = 44.4744…
44.474 * 1.15 * 1.219499946 = 62.37144

the gun damage bonus from all the guns on the other hand is regular additive

38.82563782 * ( 1 + 0.047568321 + 0.25) = 50.3789… (calculation) // 50.37891769 test

ok tested the penalty from triple clocked debuff

Your gun damage goes down with each passing stack ( the debuff IS NOT MAXED FROM THE START) . At zero stacks the debuff was maxed. 1 / 1.45 = 0.689655

(48.82318497 * ( 1 + 0.047568321) )/ 35.27284241 = 1.45

(48.82318497 / (1 + 3*0.15) * ( 1 + 0.047568321) ) = 35.27284

Looked at the bonuses from All guns from triple clocked. They change for every change of the nr. Stacks. So 3 * (100 - CurrentNr.Stacks )/100 is a factor of all the parameters affected (rof, reload speed, gun damage) .

3 * 0.25 * (100 - CurrentNr.Stacks )/100 is the additive weapon damage bonus .
1/ (3 * 0.15 * (100 - CurrentNr.Stacks )/100) is the weapon damage multiplier penalty .

  • among other things gun wizard provides 400% additive gun damage . That is +4 to the additive gun damage multiplier (test numbers 4.63363 * 1.15 - 1.15537 * 1.15 = 3.99999 // The 1.15 is to undo the multiplicative debuff from safety first.) EDIT this is a bit suspicious . Re-check it wasn’t one last thing !.
  • the anarchy action skill additive damage boost is 262.5% (test (3.22498 * 1.15) - (1-0.05763)*1.15 = 2.625 )
  • the melee action skill adds 400% ; +4 to the melee multiplier
  • the damage bonus from one last thing is integrated into the additive gun damage multiplier (thus it will affect Coincidental Combustion damage if it triggers on the same shot .)