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Do the explosive damage bonuses of Coincidental Combustion and Load ‘n’ Splode also benefit thrown Tediore weapons?

(The Poopiest) #22

Load ‘n’ Splode works but CC doesn’t.


All right, thanks.

(Cast Iron Chef) #24

Makes sense because CC only processes on bullet damage, right?

(The Poopiest) #25

Yes. works realy nice with cryo weapons^^

(Samuraith) #26

Question, when running a Sapper com does not skills such as action Packages Torgue Fiesta, Pirate Ship, SWBT, and especially repulsive which personally I feel got a under rating, Id have to check it out myself but just by my gameplay experience it looked as though there was more damage. That skill repulsive has saved me when Im surrounded front and back with melee enemies and knocks them back and makes them hurt for touching me. Couple that with a edd1.e and they more times than not that Ive played been shocked and hit with explosive damage at the same time. This is just from what I have ran with and am building up,

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Question about claptrap
(Cast Iron Chef) #27

I’ve updated It’s a Trap Card from my experiences playing around with it using a Tediore shield. It’s a great skill when you’re in the midst of enemies and have a quick charge shield so you can basically spam those novas, especially if you have frozen targets nearby. :grin:

(Sheriff) #28

Typo: Killbot’s description should say 35% at 5/5 instead of 30%

(Cast Iron Chef) #29

Have I ever mentioned how bad I am at math? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Matrixneo42) #31

Great guide. I’ll be using claptrap more soon and I was literally afraid to even touch the right tree. I’m still not sure but I’m way more likely to try it now.

How obvious are the indicators of which gun to use? edit: in reference to the random subroutine stuff where a certain gun type will have a bonus but everything else will be lowered.

(President of Jellybeans) #32

Buff bar has a picture of the gun it also says on screen what it is when it changes,Claptrap also has a bunch of different quotes in potentially different accents when It changes.

(Matrixneo42) #33

I played a little with the gun subroutines. And I don’t like it. The idea that it can choose a guntype you don’t even have equipped. Or maybe you don’t even have one of those in your inventory. For one thing I don’t even open my backpack every 1 to 1.5 minutes to change items. I’m often running around for a solid 10 to 30 minutes between changing up gear. So I specced up without touching anything in that tree except the middle part about crit damage. It’s unfortunate that I would have to use the subroutines in order to use that tree because there are some things in there I like.

If i am going to use subroutines I’d also go overclocked for one shot wonder.

Overall it reminds me of the anarchy tree for Gaige. Something that I just have trouble getting used to and avoid. WIth Gaige it’s that I reload accidentally all the time. One of the skills later in the tree helps though. Maybe dischord.

With Claptrap it looks like there is something to help, the slam to remove frag stacks. If I got a bad subroutine I’d have to slam like over 10 times to get rid of it.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #34

For the most part using torgue weapons, tediore reloads, or matching elements easily overcomes the tiny damage penalty you get for using the wrong gun type. You can even just use melee to bypass the effect.

It doesn’t really become something major unless you have triple clocked (which I never take because One Shot Wonder is pretty bad).

(also known as brandpanz) #35

One Shot Wonder is great for Boomtrap builds. You get One Last Thing on every shot, and you constantly stack Load ‘n’ Splode/have Drop the Hammer and Start with a Bang active sine you’re reloading all the time.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #36

Yeah but the thing is then the splash of the second to last shot doesn’t get boosted. So guns like the Flakker become useless. And I’d rather just fire a Ravager twice and get my full OLT bonus, than have my last shot do another +100% additive damage when its already doing +880%.

But for anything that isn’t bullet&splash/Maliwan lasers its a great skill. It just screws over big bore Torgue Shotties.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #37

It also sucks for large mag, less damaging weapons like SMGs, certain ARs, and certain pistols.

I get that these aren’t the go-to weapons for a Claptrap, but I do want to note that OSW with these weapons is a wonderful way to waste 70+ bullets while doing no damage.

(also known as brandpanz) #38

iirc in the case of OSW the splash bonus for said guns gets applied to the shot anyway (I could be wrong).

Also this is a general thing but OSW doesn’t actually deal damage * mag size. Changing either (or both) definitely affects it but there seems to be other factors involved in its damage formula.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #39

It does, it just can’t be boosted by OLT while OSW is active. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The game considers your gun to always be on the last shot with OSW, but OLT only boost the splash of your second to last shot.

I didn’t really test it that much, but I thought it went…

(base damage*(mag size/ammo consumed per shot rounded up))*the normal gun damage equation

So a 9 mag Ravager that does 300 total damage now has a 900 OSW damage(then of course the rest of the normal formula).

(also known as brandpanz) #40

Really? Whenever I get OSW with the Flakker I always seem to do better with it. Although that might just be the effect of OSW firing all the shots at once. How does OLT work with the Luck Cannon? That could probably be a good indicator of how OSW works with OLT.

(base damage*(mag size/ammo consumed per shot rounded up))*the normal gun damage equation

Nope, from what I’ve seen it’s damage * mag * multiplier * gun damage equation, at least for 1 ammo per shot guns. I’m not sure what the multiplier is exactly, but my theory is that it’s determined by the difference between the mag size and a certain value. I tested it a while back with a bunch of Vladof pistols, and the multiplier for most was around 0.88, but whenever the pistol had a notably larger mag size than the rest the multiplier was smaller. I also tested a couple of Jakobs and Scav pistols, and the multiplier was generally above 1 for Jakobs but around 0.5 (or something like that) for Scav.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #41

No bar

Just like I said.

Thanks for the other info. Once I had learn it didn’t work like I wanted it to I stopped testing it.