[DDD Guide] Athena skills guide

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Tear and Omega-Senshu are strong as hell, especially on the big baddies. Omega-Senshu makes a great job on every boss and tear is the same. These two skills are the powerhouses of the Xiphos-tree.

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You really need to max them both. Omega-Senshu is super good in all situations, especially if you bleed everything. Tear is good against things that won’t die immediately to the rush/slash/blast. But especially against badasses and bosses, O-S is a must have, even more than Tear.

The nice thing about O-S even just mobbing is you never have to shoot any normal mob twice after bloodrush, even if you don’t kill them; the bleed will finish them off. Just rush the next enemy instead.

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You’ve Got Red on You damage is buffed by Maelstrom?

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It doesn’t matter, it is still bad :slight_smile:

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Well, could be kinda useful when used on hybrid builds I think. Also, your others options arent exactly good haha

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You wound me :smile:

Good luck making YGROY not suck. It does such little damage as to not really matter, even maxxed, in my experience. If you can make it actually work, I’m all ears.

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I’m not telling you that its great, only asking if get boosted by Maelstrom stacks.
Clarity of Purpose isnt good, Bloodlust and Fury of the Arena are good on paper and not so good when playing now.
The only option left to go down to Blood Rush is Mercurial and, tbh, isnt that great too IMO. You can get protection and speed with others of her skills

Also, YGROY could be great for utility when meleeing mobs. You can separate and pick them up with Blood Rush one by one. Or just use it with Overload to crush mobs, I dont know

(Stoop) #28

Yeah, I was totally wrong about Bloodlust - it’s just not needed even in UVHM. And agree about Fury of the Arena for the same reason. Clarity is meh - not bad but certainly not required.

Mercurial gives a nice speed boost though, I like it a lot.

The problem with YGROY is that it could be good, it just isn’t, even in NVHM, as the damage it does is just too anemic, even at 5/5. It’s like that Zer0 AoE shock skill that no one ever takes - good in theory, but even when boosted, still bad.

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I see. So bad :frowning:
Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

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If you stack bleed effect on multiple targets then Bloodlust and Fury of the Arena are effective. But most players choose to engage one target at a time so Tear and OS take over. Personally I have more fun stacking bleed effects and then finish a group if the opportunity presents itself.

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That’s my playstyle too, but the thing is, the healing from Bloodlust is overshadowed by the healing from Vanguard in UVHM in my builds. It’s basically not necessary as a skill for me now, and UVHM is still easy enough that O-S kills the bleeding mobs before they bleed the full 12s regardless, except badasses and bosses of course.


Well I play full Ceraunic Storm-Xiphos so Bloodlust’s health regen stacking takes Vanguard’s place :slight_smile:

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Looking for input to change any ratings now that UVHM has been out for a bit. I did upgrade storm weaving to 3 stars like suggested and read above of people talking about bloodlust and FotA but I’m not entirely sold on those, but I will spec into them and try them again.


I suggested 4-stars for Storm Weaving.

Bloodlust and Fury of the Arena are good only if you apply bleed effect to multiple enemies before Tear and Omega Senshu. That really depends on playstyle. But a fair rating would be 2-star.

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Clappy’s guide is up here, Derch. :slight_smile:

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added, thanks gulf

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You’re welcome. I needed to add links to the other guides anyway and this was a good reminder. :slight_smile:

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I like how you can link things together in these new forums, really helps pull the guides together

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Maelstrom stack gains (if Fire or Shock reflected), Smite, Systems Purge, and Gun Kata.

Not Amp.

You’ve Got Red on You is boosted by Maelstrom, the Cryo effect, and Explosive bonuses (such as from the Duality Oz Kit).

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(Stoop) #40

I was wrong about Bloodlust above with respect to UVHM. It’s simply not needed; UVHM mobbing is still easy enough that everything dies too fast. Same with FotA.

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