[DDD Guide] Athena skills guide

(Stoop) #41

Looks good after update; Hold the Line and Rend should be 4 stars IMO.

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@Stoopicus I think 3 stars is right. In my experience a longer Aspis duration isn’t even necessary or advantageous the majority of the time. Rend makes a stronger case because it is such a core skill for Xiphos. But on its own it’s a delivery mechanism for Tear and is pointless without Blood Rush.

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Really? Wow. I have a very different experience there. I find keeping the Aspis up longer is critical for both survival and for skill synergies in Phalanx (Vanguard, etc) due to more absorbed damage.

Maybe the reason is that I use the Phalanx tree in a purely defensive way; I don’t go past Clear, and I don’t care about throwing the Aspis. I want it up as long as possible. 90 degrees of invincibility is always useful.

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Since you can throw Aspis early, the point that more duration might be less advantageous in a few rare scenarios is dubious. There are enough scenarios on the other end where having a longer duration is more advantageous that it’s usually in favor of boosting Hold the Line, or at worst a push between using it or not.

The only actual reason I can think of that one wouldn’t want it (even just in case) if they are already investing in Phalanx is if they are using a Roid Shield, where the base duration of Aspis lines up relatively well with the recharge delay of Legendary Roid Shields.

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As far as 4 star ratings, I can’t give too many of them out. 1 is bad, 2 is average, 3 above average, 4 is the absolute best way above the rest. Too many skills as a 4 diminishes what outstanding is

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@Stoopicus @Sljm

I should have been more clear. My previous comment was with respect to throwing it. It reaches max energy storage easily within the base duration so Hold the Line is 5 seconds more of hanging onto a flying elemental bomb that you can use. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wasted the throw because I held onto it too long and the enemies are already dead. That of course leads to the question am I better off throwing it as soon as I hit max or continue fighting behind it? My experience is that I’m better off throwing it but I also depend a lot on Conduit for shield tanking so I’m not so Aspis dependent for defense. It really comes down to the other skills you’re using.

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(Where's lucky?) #47

I get that point, there are often are times I throw it early to finish off things, or just activate it and throw it right away to start a fight with a ton of stacks while I have easy engagements to start with. I wish if you threw it early you had a reduced cooldown like ending the digi jacks early or recalling the turrets.

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I would have liked that feature for sure with Athena but 2kAus must have felt that not having reduced cooldown wasn’t as penalizing for her as it was for the pet classes. Or they wanted the Aspis throw to be a calculated risk.

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(Stoop) #49

Got it. For me, I don’t even care if I can throw the Aspis. In fact I would trade the ability to do so for two more seconds of duration. I never spec that tree past Clear.

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Would one point in Conduit be enough to maintain shield regeneration during combat, or would you need to invest more points into it in order for it to be effective?

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Depends on how high you stack Maelstrom and the type of shield you’re running.

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(Stoop) #52

And which COM.

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Well, my intent is to use an Adaptive Shield. As for the class mod, I was thinking of using the Celestial Gladiator; however, what I’m wondering is if one point alone and around 100-300 stacks are enough to keep the shield filled.

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Let’s assume an Adaptive shield of 25,000 capacity

1/5 Conduit (.02%/stack)
2%/sec at 100 stacks OR 500 units/sec shield recharge rate OR 50 seconds to completely recharge shield from zero
4%/sec at 200 stacks OR 1000 units/sec shield recharge rate OR 25 seconds to completely recharge shield from zero
6%/sec at 300 stacks OR 1500 units/sec shield recharge rate OR 16.5 seconds to completely recharge shield from zero

with Celestial Gladiator

6/5 Conduit (.12%/stack)
12%/sec at 100 stacks OR 3000 units/sec shield recharge rate OR 8.3 seconds to completely recharge shield from zero
24%/sec at 200 stacks OR 6000 units/sec shield recharge rate OR 4.2 seconds to completely recharge shield from zero
36%/sec at 300 stacks OR 9000 units/sec shield recharge rate OR 2.8 seconds to completely recharge shield from zero

None of this factors in the capacity and recharge rate of your actual shield which would impact the time to charge completely from zero. But the nice thing about Adaptive shields is that you only need a partial charge to gain the elemental resistance. In that respect, a single point in Conduit could be enough to give you that. But if you plan on tanking a bit more with your shield than health, then more points would obviously be beneficial.


All right, thanks for the info.

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Updated this for UVHM, I went to a 5 star rating system similar to what I did with maya. With UVHM some of the 1 stars were still really only worth 1 star but many of the others did not deserve to be in the same category. I think it fits better now.

(Stoop) #57

As always, thanks :slight_smile:

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I have another question regarding Wrath of the Goddess and Superconductor: does Superconductor only apply to enemies at or near the first point of impact of the Aspis, or are all enemies near the ricochet targets—as well as the targets themselves—affected by it?

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(Cowthulhu46) #59

Aww, i really think Epicentre should be ranked slightly better. It’s not too useful on Mobs, but it’s Physics is much stronger than other Singularitys, so it can throw bosses like Iwajira around like Ragdolls.

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Only the target that struck the Aspis is affected by Superconductor.

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