[DDD Guide] Athena skills guide


Gearbox apparently corrected those physics in the last update but i haven’t tested to confirm.

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(Cowthulhu46) #62

Well, i just threw Iwajira across the room, so i think it still works.

Also maelstrom needs a few more stars next to it. It’s a “Get at level four even if you are never going to even look at elemental weapons” kind of skill.

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(Matrixneo42) #63

Here’s the build I’ll go for based on your evaluation of the skill tree. Thanks!

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(Spark Seeker) #64

Hey @Derch, what about a little note with skills synergy like Conduit/Supercondutor, Return Fire/Prepare for Glory/Smite, Unrelenting/Elemental Barrage and etc?

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(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #65

At 11/5 the damage reduction of Mercurial is 35,48%. The game should display 35%.

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(Impala) #66

This thread is amazing. I never realized just how many awesome skills Athena has. And the write-up is exceptional. I had some questions and was thinking about changing up some skills, now I know where to go.

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(Pelikins) #67

This was fairly helpful while leveling up my Athena.

That said, I had a few disagreements that I wanted to give feedback on.

First off, United front. I found united front extremely useful. 20% shield capacity increases the benefit of conduit 20% and also gave me around 15% more total hit points against spike damage. (I was running adaptive or turtle shields all the way to 60)

That alone makes it worthwhile in my book.

On top of that, you get a nice tech that allows you to ignore smaller enemies behind you as long as you face the biggest threat, while holding aspis.

I feel like any build that is using conduit should put 5/5 in this skill. IMO it is 3* easily, it has atleast a 4* value in my particular build.

I also really liked superconductor.

I am fairly sure that I was seeing superconductor proc even while the aspis was put away. IMO, superconductor is substantially better than Return fire, which you have rated on equal footing. First off the shocks are very damaging. There were times when I was leveling where I didn’t have a decent shock weapon and was relying on superconductor to take down shields, and it did this effectively. You always get stacks off superconductor procs, where as return fire only grants stacks if you reflect elemental damage. Plus enemies tend to resist the damage type that they deal, another downside to return fire, while superconductor always deals shock… which can electricute for additional survivability.

IMO superconductor deserves 4*, again anyone using a conduit build should use this skill (IMO).

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Pretty much agree with you on all fronts although Superconductor does not proc without the Aspis. My level 70 build is built on tanking with Conduit. Based on the synergy between United Front, Conduit, and Superconductor I think they are all four star skills but I’m coming from the standpoint of tanking. They may be less important in other builds.

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(Where's lucky?) #69

Sorry for my hiatus I’m back now and ill get around to updating my threads. Give me a week or so and ill get these going again. I have some catching up to do

(The ghost amidst the combat) #70

@Derch glad your back man :smile: learned alot about Borderlands from your threads, and I still use your maya build because it’s freaking awesome. your athena skill guide has been a big help too thanks.

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(Matrixneo42) #71

Uses for United Front:

Nova shields!
Protecting your sides and back when your aspis is up
Getting your shield up damn quick when you’re surrounded.
Being surrounded or taking damage in general even though your aspis is up

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(Teks) #72

Epicenter has a lot of criticism but I highly recommend the skill for its one point cost, especially for anyone focusing on the custom arena in the claptrap DLC. It is an excellent emergency measure capable of stunlocking multiple opponents until Athena’s shield is out of cooldown. I hear tell of it throwing critters from one side to the other but I have not seen this happen much in practice. Typically they fly right into my face. I can hold off several ultimate badasses for an extended period of time. Not only keeping them off of me, but also keeping them off my team.

(Eturnered2002) #73

I found this project very useful. I think it is very well explained. The pros & con were delineated very clearly. Thanks

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(Exaltedpenguin77) #74

This was very helpful and taught me a lot I didn’t know, brilliant guide :3 that said, I was very confused as to Hades’ Shackles being 2 stars, and your view that butt slams aren’t worth it. Not sure if this is common knowledge or not by now, but I figured out a while back that if you performed a slam but used a Blood Rush melee immediately after the melee will connect and you get a full butt slam in one hit, basically a small combo you can get with just Blood Rush. Add Hades’ Shackles to that and Maelstrom stacks are gaining continually as you’re applying Bleeds before you even start shooting. I even found that targeting flying enemies with the Blood Rush Slam while you’re above them tracked so it landed on them and still gave the melee and full slam damage.