DDD: Long awaited Laser sight guide

Two years of work and because of my personal life they are quick ones unlike the previous ones all being roughly an hour.
Written guides I’ll post when I get my hard drive shipped to me.
Super short sum up video.

Part 1 Laser sight and mag lock myths busted.older patch, don’t know how updated it is
Part 2 Accuracy ratings laser sight with and without double up on a wall
Part 3: on the ground
Part 4: Effects on SE on the ground.
Part 5: SE on wall
part 6: On ceiling(SE+DU/No DU)


Your video cut off a bit early. Laser sight improves the performance if you…?

part 2 I’ll cover that.

But it can improve accuracy if you mag lock it to a wall at the correct position.

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Part 2 is up

So if I’m understanding this correctly, laser sight will improve the accuracy of the turret if you place on a wall that is eye level with your character, but the degree of accuracy is different between double up and no- double up? Or did I I totally misinterpret this?

I’m working on part 3 which is on the ground.
But yes close enough, the level thing not so much. It wouldn’t target the dummy if it was too high.
There will be one on the ceiling too probably.
Trying to make them parts because this is like a 2 hour video if it wasn’t split up.

I find weird things huh?

Yup, but great finds nonetheless!

Next parts are about the effects WITH SE.
That will make the findings a little more noticeable.

Part 3 and 4 are up.

going to try to get part 5-8 up in the next few days.

Amazing! So essentially, with mag lock and double up, 3 points in laser sight achieves peak accuracy?

I’d wait for the end of the guide series, but WITHOUT scorched earth, yes.
On a wall. I haven’t showed ceilings yet.

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So with scorched earth and double up? Sorry, i confused myself -_-

Double up doesnt affect SE.
Laser sight with double up is awkward.

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So if i have double up and scorched earth with the sole purpose of slagging from any distance, what should i do?

Not use Laser sight.

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Thank you man, you saved me five points!

Final part is up.

I will be doing one last video which is a sum up of it all.

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