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99% sure that is correct, ever since the last official patch hit.

After the buff to Unforeseen, is it still as bad as the OP makes it out to be?

No, it’s actually useful now.

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Thanks for this thread.

Has anyone tested the trade-off on using Decepti0n early vs. waiting until the last second or half second? I mean how much faster Decepti0n cools down depending on how soon you use it.

The in-game description basically says “the longer you wait, the more damage, the sooner you attack, the less time it takes for Decepti0n to cool down.” I can’t find any numbers on this.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

The thing about DeceptiOn and the gun damage bonus is it’s probably not good to wait for the timer to nearly run out and hit zero/0 when you could be using that time firing your weapon especially if you have a Kunai stack on that target that is not getting used while the Kunai de-buff is running out. To me in that situation it’s a straight DPS loss, and a loss of that de-buff on top of that, and then add the extra cooldown you get by ending your DeceptiOn early and it’s a no-brainer i think. I’m sure there are situations that it may benefit from with Innervate active also when looking to regain some health and extra gun damage that way, plus your movement speed for positioning etc.

I’m sure people will have differing ideas about it also depending on builds and play styles.
One exception to this would have to be melee Zero for obvious reasons.


Depends a bit on what you are shooting and with what. You can mark one enemy with first kunai or two, mark someone else with the rest, wait till the last second and one shot the first guy while still having a mark on someone else as a bonus. If that’s not possible then breaking early is often for the best unless you have something else you need to do while in deception.

As for the actual question being asked I’ve never seen any data on this. It shouldn’t be hard to do a couple of tests if some one can record videos, do a few different deception shots and take a frame by frame count of how long it takes to fill.


Noob here: What’s “health gate”?

Let’s say you get hit by an explosive rpg that does 1 million damage health gate won’t let you die from one rocket (if you have 400k health you will be health gated to 100k instead of instant death)
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Health gate means being above 50% health. If you have 100 health, but get hit for 10,000 you’ll only drop to 50 health. It’s a mechanic to prevent you from getting 1 shotted. I think i explained that right


Thanks for doing a 100% better explanation than me lol

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OK. But I still don’t understand the build-making tactic of using Iron Hands for fine-tuning “health gating”. People have mentioned it before, so I thought I’d ask.

And here I was, thinking of replacing it with a Zero head :stuck_out_tongue:

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The reason is so you can get above health gate quickly with transfusion nades or using the grog
(Having high health isn’t a bad I’ll say that now)


I’m no zer0 expert, but @Sun_Tsunami or @StrikerZidane can help you. Beef also mains zero


i have @Sun_Tsunami on ps4 and all i ever see him on is zero

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I have nearly 1000 hours and almost 80% of my time has been with Zer0 lol


The concept of health-gating ( having as little max health as possible ) vs health stacking ( having the highest health possible ) is essentially a matter of how you get your healing.

I have never used the former, but the principle is that ( against raid-bosses ) no matter how powerful the shot, if you’re at full health you can’t be one-shotted. If you are using a Moxxi whatever for healing, it takes very little at OP levels to get all your health back.

Passive health regen such as Sal ( various Brawn skills ), Axton ( Able, Preparation ), Gaige ( Cooking Up Trouble, Discord ), Maya ( various Harmony skills ), Krieg ( various ) and finally Zer0 ( Innervate, and Resurgence even though it’s not passive ) ; this allows for a greater number of individual health points to regen in a given span of time if the max health level is higher.

With Zer0, Ir0n Hand gives +30% at 10/5, which is fine. I honestly can’t say I’ve noticed a big difference at 5/5 in normal play.

It makes a huge difference to Sal, Krieg or Maya using the Rough Rider though. Passive healing rates crank up to 11.


Using iron hand to tweak healthgating is probably for specific setups, at OP levels with white/green turtle shields where you can get a passive healing value per second that’s larger than your health value. With the health gate mechanics others explained, this makes you almost impossible to kill unless there are a ton of damage sources. This setup makes you extremely susceptible to damage over time though so it’s more of a raiding setup where you know what you’ll be facing.

For Zero, say your base health at 72 was 230000 (none of these are real numbers) and your op8 turtle shield had a health penalty of -235789, then you have a survivor com giving you +6000 health and 500 health/second. You’d have health of 211 and heal 500 per second. Iron hand can be used to tweak your health to make it work depending on the actual gear numbers

I’d recommend checking out aether_seraph’s glass tank (I think they might also be titled “a dangerous method”) setup on YouTube even if they’re a bit old, I think he was one of the first that figured it out for Zer0


The idea behind the comment is related to the use of OP level white turtle shields to lower your health to double or triple digit values, and equipping a class mod that has health regen not expressed in % but as a flat value.

With the healthgate mechanics of the game, you can get hit (and survive) then the health regen kicks in and you’re back to full half a second later.

Putting points into Iron hand allows you to slightly tweak your health just enough to get a value within the desired range.

This works with Zero, Axton and I believe Gaige too.

Edit: Wow, I really should read everything before replying… So yeah, User2136 said basically the same thing… Sorry


It’s all good chuck


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