DDD - Zer0's Skills for You!

Looks great @jianderson

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I never had a clue. I always thought it just added a few percentage points to the accuracy. I typically used Snipers so I thought, “meh, they’re accurate enough. I don’t need that.”

Very interesting.

What is “center speed”? Is that anything like “aiming sped”?

If you don’t use a roid shield, then it certainly doesn’t hurt to use it, right? Especially if you don’t use iron hand or be like water. I am building a new zero so right now it certainly is useful. But I will see how I feel about it later.

What are you asking?

Starting off with a Zer0, Altair has a full guide on that :smile:

As for not using a roid shield at all ever, it works but I can’t guarantee it will be fun. I can upload some sample footage of its use if you would like, np!

Well, I am certainly using tons of other great melee bonuses. Rapier included. I just like the idea of added survive-ability in almost any situation by using a strong shield that I want to keep up rather than down, and in having that shield get regen’d by my actions. But, I’m certainly not putting any badass points in shield recharge delay because I do love the roid shield gameplay as well.

I guess, my point is, a melee zero can kick a ton of ass with or without a roid shield.

Altair’s guide is superb. Love it. I mostly agree with what he’s saying too. However, because I love using Bore on the bunker, I respec to Bore to kill the bunker and then I respec back to melee as I go forward.

My point here is that if you don’t want to use Iron Hand for health gate reasons, or Be Like Water for whatever reason, then maybe try Grim.

Grim is a no. Like I said, Altair’s guide is great.

Having a shield up really doesn’t afford survivability because if you’re meleeing, it’s not going to be up in the first place.

Yes, he can dish out damage but if you’re looking for reasonable damage without effort (ie: lining up Deception, min maxing even more so and trying to set up each melee as a 1SK), the roid shield has greater pay out.

Not using it is painful honestly and really doesn’t give you many benefits.

[quote=“Matrixneo42, post:27, topic:988”]
Altair’s guide is superb. Love it. I mostly agree with what he’s saying too.[/quote]

Sorry to be picky, but Altair is a woman.

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I thought everyone using the internet was a white male somewhere between the age of 20 to 40. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are wrong. I’m a white male who is the age of 19 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll make a point of trying Be Like Water (intead of Grim) + a Roid shield soon. I’m right at the point where I can get an Order shield, I think. Just beat the bunker + “angel” in this playthrough.

So, you are telling me that i am really a white man? I always knew i was…

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You only have to believeeeeee!

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Sorry to necro this, but… how is DM working right now? Is it stacking still with the use of DB?

IIRC (please correct me if I’m wrong) death mark is now a single 80% multiplicative bonus. You can’t stack it with death blossom anymore, but it allows you to apply the mark on multiple targets. Also death marks from multiple zer0 won’t stack anymore.

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99% sure that is correct, ever since the last official patch hit.

After the buff to Unforeseen, is it still as bad as the OP makes it out to be?