[De4deye Zane] Sniper only Mayhem 4 Zane build

This is a sniper only build I designed on request of this topic here:

I have made a sniper only Zane in the past back during the time when Guardian Ranks were broken. It did work in mayhem 4 but it wasn’t fun and felt more tedious then powerful. I mentioned in the topic I linked that I would like to take another stab at it since GR is fixed and we have this new strong class mod that opens opportunities for Zane to have a lot of diversity.

So the star of the show will be the Monocle (I would love to get some Zane anoints on Muckamuck and Headsplosion but I dont’ have them). For closer range and elemental needs I will make use of an Incendiary Lyuda and a Shock/Corrosive set of ‘Autoaime’ snipers from the new DLC.

This first video will explain the build in detail then I will do some Mayhem 4 Anvil mobbing with it. It will be followed up with shorter gameplay clips which will include killing Warden and a short SS M4 clip. The final clip is finishing the Slaughter Shaft on M4 where I discover a sweet aspect of the build I totally didn’t expect when I made it.

I love sniper builds and I am having a ton of fun playing this. I’m super excited that it turned out to be viable and I can’t wait to complete even harder content with it!

Build video:

Warden kill:

Short Slaughter Shaft clip:

Wave 5 / Round 5 of MH4 Slaughter Shaft:

Screenshot after killing Kraken with Sniper only Zane in M4: It was suprisingly easy to get this far with no downs. Most used weapons were the Autoaimes while swapping the Lyuda and Monocle out with each other. Also I was running with -25% from critical hits and it didn’t slow me down.


Those Alienbarreled Maliwansnipes do crazy DoTs by the way and don’t have charge up.

Which ones in particular do you mean?

They aren’t legendary, just purps. I haven’t tried them on M4 though, but they eat ammo for breakfast. I haven’t been on in a while and Don’t know the effects on my builds of seein dead, but it could one shot a bandit tactical with a corrosive one.

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Alright I’ll keep an eye out for sure always up for trying different things. Thanks for the headsup.

Like the videos.

I might have to try the monocle right now…

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Good Job!