Dead .ship variables

I’m working on bulk-updating all my .ship scripts, and I’m looking to clean out all the lines that aren’t used anymore. So far I have the following…

  • useEngagementRanges
  • UnitCapsFamily – though it needs replacing with supply values rather than being outright removed
  • UnitCapsShipType – Same as above, depending on the exact needs of your mod.

Are there more?


To my knowledge no, BitVenom said that it would be too difficult to find all of the loading code hooks and track down what is and is not used. Since so many of the parameters are optional I just leave them all in and just make a comment that it is non functional when I recognize it isn’t having an impact. But I also reorder most the ship file into sections for easy parsing and grouping

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This would be good info for the wiki(s).

  • unitCapsNumber
  • SquadronSize
  • formationSpacing
  • aggressiveFormation
  • passiveFormation
  • defensiveFormation
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Wouldn’t squad size still be relevant? Unless HW2 has been building single units and I never knew about it…

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“buildBatch” replaces “SquadronSize”. I’m not sure if you can completely remove squadronsize, but changing the value has no effect in game when I tested it.

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ahhhh. Makes sense now.

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