Dead space in the match

Hey guys! Did you think of matches being too long and having some point when you understand that one side is going to win 100% like there is no comeback point for another team?

Matches started to fill a little boring to me and when i was trying to figure out what’s going wrong i suddenly realized that dead spaces occur a lot so both teams know who is going to win at some point, there wont be any surprise and it gets frustrating that a winning team needs those additional minutes to end a match slowly and a loosing team just trying to defend while they have no chance to come back.

In many cases when players see that there is no comeback point they dont want to waste their time staying in game and loose and they just leave.

I dont say there are no close games but we all know how rarely this happens in public games. Any ideas on that?

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I definitely agree with that, but what would you suggest to change it? I honestly don’t know, myself. I don’t think shortening the matches will improve the issue, and would only get people complaining that there’s not enough time to make comebacks.

I would have to say that it is simply an unfortunate downfall of any form of competition. There will always be a point where making a comeback and snatching victory will be highly improbable (I’d say impossible, but I’m a firm believer in the Bradbury principle)

That’s why you have the possibility to surrender.

Unfortunately some players prefer to use this option for useless reasons…