Dead Space (series)

I make this thread fully aware that it will likely fall into complete obscurity :wink:

I really enjoyed this entire series, making multiple playthroughs of each game. I think the story and the direction was top notch with some great characters. Each game does very well at building anticipation-based horror, as most of the time you can sense that something may be coming for you but you don’t exactly know what, when, or from where.

The first game was something pretty new at the time, and it really just grabbed me from the very first “oh ■■■■ run away what do I do crap crap crap” moment. Being trapped inside a partially functioning ghost ship fighting space zombies was exactly what I wanted from a modern horror/shooter.

The second made a wealth of improvements to the first, bringing in much more developed characters and a wider arsenal of fun weapons with which to dispatch the new and more deadly enemy types. The setting was also different, being a space colony which has become overrun with the reanimated dead. The game dove much deeper into the story of the game universe and the characters, and really got me excited for the next game.

Dead Space 3 was a bit of a change but I really liked it. The setting was totally different as most of it takes place on terra firma. The biggest and most exciting change was to the weapons system, which was expanded to included even more weapon types and a powerful crafting system. It also introduced cooperative play, which I never got to experience.

I was sad to learn (after my curiosity cause me to do some research) that Dead Space 4 will never happen due to the sales of DS3. I blame this entirely on EA, with their insistence on shoving Origin down the throats of gamers and the inclusion of micro transactions.

Anyway, I still pop these games in and give them a run ever once in a while. If anyone ever wants to try some 2-player fun on Dead Space 3 for 360, be sure to let me know. I do not care what other game I might be playing at the time, I will drop it.

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The first installment was the best one of the bunch. It was freaky, it was a breath of fresh air on the horror genre that turned to more action, puzzle solver (I’m glaring at you Resident Evil) A lot of inspiration from the Thing which I found particularly creepy for the design of the necromorphs. I remember one of my first encounters with the creatures was me curb-stomping them for like five minutes after they had been killed. And the whole atmospheric take from games like Silent Hill was put to really good use. Remember fighting necromorphs in zero gravity, really freaky experience. And I always liked moving around corners with my gun drawn and ready to go. I liked the leveling system, more like upgrade system as well. The suit customization was nice and the second one had expanded on that which you always like to see within sequels. Take a base concept and let it grow which the second one did extremely well.

But EA and Origins had to ■■■■ it up. Like they usually do… they’ve been ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ up for a very long time.

I love Deadspace it was one of the first games i played on 360,I remember a friend coming over as I was playing it and 6 hours later he was late going home to his wife he was so engrossed watching,so intense


DS2 was a tiny bit of a drop off and then DS3 was just awful.

I couldn’t agree more,i liked DS2 but it lost that creepy intense feeling DS had

I don’t know, I always thought all the people who were going crazy and that damn cult were super creepy. That’s why I liked the setting of the second game better, there a greater display of the effects of the Marker. But don’t get me wrong, I was never more paranoid in DS2 than when I had to go back into that f*cking ship.


! think for me it was a lot of the closed in spaces in the first one you just knew there was no place to go fast when something jumped out and those reo’s in that small lab…shivers

I almost feel like I’m psychic. Saw this article earlier. I would love to see another if Visceral is actually wanting to make it as opposed to EA shoving it on them.

The only thing that really worries me is that I am certain of two possibilities. That EA will find some way to ruin it with their own stupid bull​:heart::heart::heart::heart: and that, because they couldn’t resist destroying the game, they will close Visceral as a result. And I don’t want either of those things to happen.

I’m not one for getting scared. Horror films do nothing and I have no irrational fears. But playing Dead Space at 2am with the lights off and nobody else home is very creepy. Love it.
I liken the series to the Alien franchise.
DS1 had the claustrophobia and the eventual loneliness. DS2 was more action in a wider space and DS3 was the beginning of the end. (I haven’t finished it yet but I’m not into it as much as 1 & 2 but it will get finished at some point just need to be in the mood)

Would play another though.

@unfriendlyfire, if you want to pick DS3 up again, assuming you have it for 360, please let me know. I badly wish to play it with somebody.

I would give it a go with you Irish but can never find it in xbox marketplace

It was easy finding it. Just google so I’m pretty sure you can use the search on the XBOX Marketplace.

I have several times bro when the sales are on and there’s no option to buy DS3 only to rate it

They might have removed it. I don’t know, I’ll do some research on it later.

It comes up in a search just no option to buy,I’ve tried several times whenever I see DS sales

It would probably be cheaper to buy a used physical copy anyway.

Which can be found here.

Get it new for like 10$.

Yeah they have one at EB games pretty cheap I just checked,I just like the convemience of digital dl…damn thats lazy

Will try but don’t know when I’d get on it. The older games and 360/PS3 games are taking a very very back seat. Even more recent games. (Bioshock Infinite & Dishonored to name 2)
What is the difference from CST to GMT is it 6 or 7 hours behind?

It is six hours difference, so weekends are the only viable time.