Deade's Fan Taunt

Okay I made a post about this in the past, but I think it went unnoticed. So I can’t remember the name of the taunt because I don’t have my Xbox One with me to check it, but those who play Deande and Developers should know what I am talking about. The taunt is the latest one for Deande put in the marketplace, and I just must say its very odd. Its the one where she fans herself and has a snarky comment to go with it. First off, when she does the taunt, she looks HIDEOUS. She doesn’t look like herself, for she looks like she had a twin who was dropped a few times as a baby. Her teeth look like… HORRIBLE like I can’t even explain how bad she looks. Second, the fan she is holding is like tiny? It isn’t the right size like its shorter, and looks odd. Third, the taunt is just kinda rough, and doesn’t move smoothly like it should. I’m not nit-picking right now, this is all true. I don’t have photos to back me up, but if anyone does then please add them. If you haven’t purchased the taunt please don’t judge it based on how it looks from the command page, because it looks a lot different close up while in game. I’m not trying to be rude, I appreciate Gearbox for adding so many taunts for her and other characters, but I insist they can’t leave that taunt like that. She just looks so bad, and I can’t stand to see it left like that. Please developers do something about it. :frowning: I beg you.

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Hahahahaha now im tempted to buy it to upload some picks.

Thing is, I never used that taunt once even though I have it. Never seen anyone use it either.


I us[quote=“wisecarver, post:4, topic:1557478”]
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this is a funky screenshot, I like it
deande is like “i must dance”

No taunt that she has will ever beat ‘Levity’ in my books. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks like she’s got a bit of a beer gut in that pic…

Guys I’m not talking about defiance, I actually meant the one before it. Although that one does look odd as well.

I’ll upload a picture of it in a second.

So here are some of the disturbing images of Deande’s “Cool Off” taunt. Not for the weakest of hearts. ;(

Okay this is sad right? She looks so uncomfortable and ugly. They’ve gotta fix this right guys?

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I guess they should if they can do it easily. But my guess is that it’s not that easy. And if that’s the case then there are more important thibgs to be doing that fixing a taunt. And as I said before I don’t even use this taunt so it wouldn’t matter to me.

OG base taunt ftw

You lost me at “I insist” they change this.

She looks like Downtown Julie Brown in this pic.

That’s not what I said and what you’re trying to prove doesn’t make sense…