Deade's New Taunt

Hey Devs, know you’re busy doing amazing things for BattleBorn, but I just want you to know about her new taunt. It’s really glitchy, her teeth look horrifying, and her fan is way to small. I like what she says, it’s really funny, but with those three things wrong with it, it just makes it look bad. Also, her fans still glitch shut when she’s done taunting. (This applies to all of her taunts.) Like the fan, instead of naturally closing, it just shows up closed all of a sudden and it’s weird looking. Thanks for reading this. :slight_smile:





Really don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. There are other issues that could be addressed I instead of this.


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Is it a glitch or is a reference? Because i dont get it.

She even uses wrong fans - battle version with just a frame without fabric (or whatever they are made of). @JoeKGBX

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