Deadline of Pre-purchase Award。。。。

9.13 or 9.16…who can tell me …thanks…

Before launch of the game.

Sort of on-topic: will they re-issue pre-purchase deadlines for the Steam release? As in, we won’t be able to pre-order the Steam version until… much later than this deadline, no?

I’m pretty sure, pre-orders will be availabe for Steam later, maybe at beginning next year. And so on respective rewards for that.

VIP page:

Step 3: Claim Reward

Log in to SHiFT and play Borderlands 3 within 14 days of its release; your Early Adopter Pack will show up in your in-game inventory.

Epic Store Page:

Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition Pre-Purchase
Limited time promotional pricing. Offer ends September 17. Pre-purchase bonus: Gold weapon skins & trinket