Deadpool : Next VH to die

Vault Hunting comes with its perils, as we know, and we’ve seen a number of VHs pass on to the great New-U Storage in the Sky.
Who’s next? Which VH do you think is in peril of being ganked next?

My money is on Mordy. He’s always seemed a kinda tragic figure to me, and a little too kind hearted to be a VH. A tragic death awaits him, I foretell.

What’s your bet?


Salvador I hope.


Making an actual poll. Note that no TfTBL characters are here since they aren’t technically VH’s per Marcus and per their own dialog in that game.

  • Mordecai
  • Brick
  • Salvador
  • Axton
  • Zer0
  • Gaige
  • Krieg
  • Athena
  • Claptrap
  • Jack-Timothy
  • Amara
  • FL4K
  • Moze
  • Zane

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Axton was the most expendable. GB and especially BL3 leans hard into girl power so I doubt they will kill off Gaige or Athena. Current VH wont die at least till BL4. Though I think we are going to see a resurrection before another death. Claptrap will never die. Unless fan theories about Timothy are true I think he wont return soon.


If it’s claptrap I’m uninstalling.


I’m gonna guess Axton. I don’t think they are looking to kill of more of the original crew, particularily because the B-Team didn’t play a big roll in Borderlands 3 and, assuming it’s not another 7 years until the next, I don’t think they are are gonna kill a Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter yet.

The Borderlands 2 Generation still has the most Vault Hunters alive and out of all those, I think Axton is the most likely to kick the bucket, Krieg being a close second. I don’t think they wanna kill off Zer0 because he’s doing a great job at being an enigma, Salvador was not only overpowered in the game but also in his lore, so I think just like Brick they are gonna have him as a hard to kill bruiser kind of character and I don’t think they are gonna kill off Gaige, not only because that would eliminate both female Bl2 characters but also because she’s still fairly young.
Axton on the other hand… He’s cocky, selfish, a war criminal and more than any of the other Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2 he’s into the whole thing only for money.

As for the Pre-Sequel… 3 of the 5 characters are already dead, there’s no way they are ever gonna kill Claptrap because he’s the mascot of the franchise, I don’t think they are gonna be doing anything with Timothy anytime soon after this DLC and Athena simply offers more interesting options if kept alive, I think.


I just hope they die by our hands this time who ever it is.


My money is on Mordecai because they’ve embraced Zer0 and we don’t really need two snipers.

But honestly, if we’re asking who will die next, I bet it will be a major NPC that is not a vault hunter.

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I’m not good at Deadpools (I was quite sure no past vault hunters would’ve died in Borderlands 3, lol), proceeding by exclusion I imagine that the ones who risk less are Brick, Mordecai (I don’t think they’d let Tiny Tina be an orphan again, again), Claptrap (I don’t think his death is off the table, just not the closest), Athena (she’s too tragic to also die, I HOPE), Zer0 (his abilities are kinda anti-death, a bit like MCU Loki; also, if he died, I feel they might need to reveal his identity), Borderlands 3 vault hunters (I hope they’ll take the next game just to flesh them out) and Timothy (he’s got a dedicated fanbase, but if they need an emotional response, I think they’ll go for BL2 VHs), Gaige (too young, her fate is also linked to Deathtrap) and Krieg (I hope him gaining back his sanity’s setting up a new arc).

So, I’m going to say Axton, even though his relationship with Gaige makes me hesitant.

With that said, they could even kill all of them as far as I’m concerned, as long as their deaths are meaningful, emotional, with consequence and don’t feel just needed by the plot (basically nothing like BL3 deaths).

AND they should always aim at crafting a fulfilling story, especially when it means going for an earned but predictable death instead of a gratuitous GASP one.


So far the supposed “leaders” of each group of Vault Hunters died.

Obviously Roland, his successor Lilith disappeared at least, and Maya always seemed to me as the BL2 VHs lead character. Athena is the closest to a leader of the TPS gang. So I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

But if they really gonna kill Athena off, Gearbox and their franchise dies for me too.


I disagree, this game is absolutely BRUTAL to the female Vault Hunters, just look at what they did to both Lilith and Maya. So I’m definitely predicting another female death, and I’m going with Athena, because she’s been around since the first game, making her another long-time member of the Crimson Raiders. Someone at Gearbox definitely has it in for the female characters that have been around since the first 2 games. :-1: :unamused:


I think Brick. Since becoming King Slab(peak character), can only go down hill from there.

At the helm are Lilith, Tanis and Ava then Maya mission with her death. With Scooters death being cannon that means Ellie is in charge of catch a ride. 2 female vault hunters one dude and a robot. First DLC is a Moxxy one (with Jack). Main antagonist is Tyreen. I dont mind it but the game skews female.
Strong doubts Lilith is actually dead. Mordikai and brick were hardly in the game, Zeros involvement was forgettable by the end. Krieg, Axton, Salvador and Gaige have not had involvement in the game at all.

Mayas death was to quick in the story IMO though. I can see them doing some main story retcons with Krieg sacrificing himself to revive Maya, which could be a great way to kill him off and have it hit you in the gut like the Dragon Keep DLC.

Axton is the most blank slate character wise and would be easy to just throw in a death if they want to return to the somewhat lazy writing of the main story.

Gaige is too fun of a character to kill off. I want a DLC of her and Tina and Torgue doing something insane like creating a Giant Sploderbot uses an old constructor making an explosive bot army.


I agree, I think she’ll make a comeback. But didn’t want to add her name to the poll just in case.

My bet is on Brick. Beloved enough by the community to feel the sting while lately totally inconsequential to the story. Axton is a close second to me, especially with the relationship to Gaige hinted at (drama, baby). Third maybe Salvador, as his death would make a roughly equal number of players happy/unhappy, so he´d be a good one “to stir the pot”. Oh, and yeah, Lilith is certainly not done yet. Least thing she´s going to do is an Obi Wan type of comeback, since the FORCE is certainly strong in this one …

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Mordy’s next

Cirrhosis of the liver.

After the funeral, Tina and Brick are gonna join the rest at a barbecue wake, with some tasty bbq chicken…

then Tina’s gonna ask where Talon is…


Ava isn’t on the list. Why? She’s now a VH and I’d love to murder her!


You people calling for Mordy…


That said I voted for Kreig. When he finds out that Maya is dead he is going to go meta and attack the headquarters of Gearbox. He will go out in a blaze of glory.


Don’t want him to die, I actually like the grouchy fecker…

but hasn’t really recovered since Bloodwing…

been at the Raak in heavier way since.

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Kill all of those who has the most potential for plot in favor of Mary Sues.