Dealing with anointed enemies

Hi there, I know alot of you HATE the anointed enemies, even if you’re Catholic it’s ok to hate THEM. They are tanky enemies with some of the worst AI out there. The militants can enter an endless loop of immune phases, the tinks teleport way too much to also have the abilities of Ant-Man and those stupid hovering orbs make reviving your teammates or pet impossible.

Alot of people have trouble with these enemies, who can actually blame them. The best description of these enemies I’ve heard was around the lines of: “this is what happens when jr game designers are told to create mini boss enemies and aren’t watched over. We get trolled by some punks who are more concerned about beating the gamers than giving a challenge”.

It is not good for the game or community for the game to let the anointed fester until they become an uncontrollable cancer. The burden is not only on gearbox though, do we really want them crashing the entire planets of Pandora and Eden-6 to not even fix them properly?

Before I get to some tips and tricks I would like to say my opinion on the community over the annointed. They could be twice as bad and I could care less as long as I never have to hear the same cult ■■■■ that the destiny community had. Use what ever weapons you think work best nothing is worse for a gamer looking for a challenge than mindless drones saying to use only 3 weapons because God king Dato said, muh Dato sheet says this is the best gun, reeeeeee Lord Dato said to use wardcliffcoil. Nothing against him but that made me leave that game and I would rather struggle than be forced to play scripted. Everybody complaining that they are too hard and not putting ideas forth is just as lazy but not nearly as annoying or mentally blocked.

Militants are by far the worse and nothing good is going to come from him pointing at you. I’ve noticed that every move has a counter, you may not have it available but it is out there. The shield is an easy one for me, if you own a linage or hellshock shoot the ground at his feet, just like the kraken units and normal militants you will be able to hit them with good aim, but it is not easy to land and shooting objects around him is good if you’re a RoboCop fan. Another trick is if they are surrounded by enemies use a brainstormer on him, they will be hit by the arcs of lightning and these days adding fire to that is easy. Splash damage is also good for this phase, large explosions to the back and sides or the ASMD combo when the orb passes by. Tediore chucking over his head works fine as well and brings me back to B2 OP levels, a gunarang or mirv guns work great. Then we have the actual attack no one likes which I will refer to as smite (what is it actually called?). Smite is the worse attack in any game, huge damage spam while immune seems like a bad way to make raid bosses hard and just stupid for adds. Phasegrasp is the most obvious cure, but that’s just stupid to always need a siren. Though taunting and confusion will save you from this damage stage it does not guarantee that they will not just try again, with not even a second of delay. This attack seems to be triggered by our performance from what I can tell, when I start melting one too fast or they hit 30-25% health it seems to happen without a doubt. If you own a good singularity grenade or anything with a singularity affect on it I would love to know how they work on the militants. I’ve seen them used before but only getting a second or two does not seem like enough of an edge. Sniping seems good too, maybe it’s only a matter of time until my luck runs out but they don’t seem to use that attack if you’re out of range. Finally I must note if you see a shield out while they are in smite mode, forget it those guys are just glitched into retardation.

Those are the best ways know of to deal with the militants. They are the hardest and that is why I listed them first. These strategies are not guaranteed to work for all players or all circumstances and different builds may need something I have not tried. Not one of these tactics will give him the manners he needs and, unless fixed, immune loops will always be a thing for everyone but Amara. If you know of another or more effective method please feel free to tell me.

The tinks are another tough one, mainly because it’s like nightcrawler and Ant-Man made a baby. I love it when they are big and throwing orbs at you, easiest to melt and dodge. They teleport way too much though, keeping them in place with singularities and maybe quasars (idk if that was a glitch but I’ve seen them thrown in the air by a quasar before I will be testing tonight) may work well but I would not recommend it as there are better options in terms of damage. In my experiences when they go ant mode and run away they are at their most annoying. They are still hit hard by splash damage whether that be rockets, grenades, torgue weapons or an action skill you can make then regret entering this annoying and useless phase. However you’re never going to face one of them without them disappearing only to melt you from behind with a machine gun. This is when risk reward calcifications must be made, it’s a good chance to melt them back but also a good chance to get downed. Then what do these little ■■■■■ do when you get back up though? Instantly whip out that machine gun or a barage of orbs, if you gain a second wind when an annointed tink is on the field run before you gun. I hate to say it but there is no hope of finding them before they melt you down again, unless they stood over you the whole time but that would be concerning. I recommend you run and let the tink come to you, you may get lucky and they’ll be doing the goofy run before a ground slam so that would be a good chance to gun. They will come for you though, they want to eat your ear remember that.

At the end of the day the anointed tinks are not that bad of an enemy when alone. They are exceptionally terrible when traveling in packs or paired with hardened badasses and made farming the trial of cunning less than speedy or run when they were paired together.

The only one left that I feel like that poses a threat to most players is the anointed zealot, which comes in Ken and Barby variations. Maybe I’m wrong about the goons, maniacs and juggernauts (are there more than Billy? I think so) but those guys are push overs.

To this day I still get tense when I see an epicenter grenade thrown, even in the middle of the takedown I have to remind myself they can’t hurt me here when I see one. My gf about dropped the game when I threw one during the slaughter star 3000 “I ain’t doing it with these bitches here”. They are alot easier to deal with than the other two I listed above but they lack nothing in damage output. From a determined orb if death to teleport epicenter combos you’ll be running I’m circles trying not to die if you’re not careful. I only have 2 tips for these enemies but these are probably most helpful tips on anointed enemies. They are no longer immune to cryo or slow, the zealots and maniacs are the best anointed to slow down. I don’t know exactly why but it just messes up their day so bad I refer to it as giving them brain freeze. The orb of creeping death can’t be slowed however and if you don’t have a clone or a pet catching a breath may be hard. It is annoying that we are forced to run but these guys want you dead just as bad as you want them dead. Run out of sight and the zealots usually come for you, you may not know when they do until they are throwing orbs or cut you off with an epicenter but they’re not going to sit idle while you run in circles either. By gaining distance between you and Wilson you can concentrate on the zealot easily.

I know there is not a magical gun or grenade that we should all farm for (which makes me happy) and a few of the ideas listed need to be tested some more to figure out the best weapons or methods to use. Recommending Tediore chucking above their heads and weapons that are Easter eggs to games of the past are not strategies people would call solid for the militants but they have shown results. I know a lot of people wish they had verbal cues or physical wind ups to their attacks, but aside from expecting the tinks and zealots to attack right after teleporting and the militants throwing their shield meaning smite is on the way all we have is cues that give less time to dodge than dark souls gives us to parry.

Unfortunately forum after forum just complaining for two months has done what to help the issue?

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If you look through this board you’ll find people have literally been complaining about anything they weren’t able to roll over in .05 seconds while sipping a cup of tea. Anointed enemies are just 1 of those things.


Yea but anointed enemies are different.

Can’t agree. I’m all for difficulty. I’ve been a huge advocate for leaving M4 as is, as well as leaving Takedown as is on these forums. Probably the most outspoken person here regarding those. Because I enjoy challenging content. I don’t enjoy these, they are more annoying then challenging and it’s just not fun.

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Jesus my ■■■■■■■ thread must have posted when I went to the store.
That was unfinished, I swear I pressed post not edit just now though.
Just a lil embarrassing.

This most likely didn’t get finished until after you read it. But I was wondering if you’ve had any luck with strategies I didn’t list? I know you’re on the side of nerfing them just a smidge.

Pro tips:

Anointed Militans: Use splash weapons that go past their barrier. Use Torgue gyrojets and stand still at mid range. When he throws his shield towards you side step it and stick all the jets. Blow them up before he goes immune. Stick the jets while he is immune and standing still and detonate them after his immunity ends.

If you get behind cover/break line of sight you will be safe against the fire attack spam. Zane can contain a militant with his All Rounder for his entire team or use his barrier to defend himself, although you have to consider deployment time.

Anointed Tink/Psycho: Shoot them with incendiary damage. The tink is particularly vulnerable to being staggered.

Anointed Goliath: Shoot him with incendiary damage. Also you can jump over the shockwave and second wind off the skulls (Billy).

Anointed Zealot: Fight at mid range and in open spaces if possible to avoid getting blue balled. Stand even further away if there is a negative modifier for bonus explosion radius.

Long musket is actually a really good weapon for killing anointeds.

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Gyrojets for immunity phases is a pretty good trick.

Also there’s the Jericho.

Oh look that gun finally has a practical application, nifty. It’s almost like the gun guys knew what they were doing with 2 brands and a launcher able to get past those shields with ease.

You covered a lot of it pretty well.

Not much to add for Militants.

For Tinks the main strategy is to be very aggressive, it puts them in a loop of running away, the moment you take attention off of them they start throwing orbs or whip out the machine gun(deadliest attack). Putting constant pressure on them will generally keep them doing that side-running thing and going tiny mode. Tiny mode can be broken by melee, barrier deterrence or pets.

Zealot again, trick is to be aggressive. They will teleport around to get away from constantly but that’s better then them teleporting on top of you and insta downing you. Do not let off with the pressure whatsoever. If they throw that orb, my best tactic is quickly running away to bait it, then circling right back to the Zealot and continue my pressure. Generally I can stay just out of range of the explosion this way.

The psycho guy, can’t remember his name, but basically he walks slowly at you being intimidating and dodges your shots. Again, high pressure, accurate aim, not particularly threatening.

Goons. Do not ignore them for a single second. Get in their face and melt them with crits, it’s absolutely critical to kill them as fast as possible. They aren’t particularly tough either if you remain aggressive and dodge attacks.

Quasar is a big help for many of those enemies. Fire damage weapons will do more to them then others.

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And now I understand the reason the foursome exist, I thought it was a gag gun.

Yeah, there are a few guns that serve very specific purposes, but goddang when they do.

That’s why I recommend long musket too. Most people think it’s weak, but you don’t have to aim it and it does very high elemental damage. Doesn’t matter if they teleport or shrink if you don’t have to aim. Bonus if you crit. 3x element is insane. Also anointeds are pretty weak to DoT which it’s good at.

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Being an aggressive player is probably why I didn’t have trouble with them in the first place then, I have trouble soloing endgame content for that reason.