Dealing with screen pollution/Keeping ice zane freeze chains up in the slaughter shaft

Hey All I’ve been trying to run ice zane on mayhem 3 through the slaughter shaft with somewhat limited success. One of the biggest issues I run into is there becomes so much screen pollution due to grenades, rockets, ricochets , the barrier and the drone that I can’t see the crit spot.

Maybe i’m just doing ice zane wrong, i’ve experimented with the transformer and the rough rider as the shield but I always seem to run into the same issue. I start off killing a few guys ext. but then I get hit with a fat spawn of the rpg badass guys with no easy targets and my freeze chain breaks. My barrier action skill goes down and I have a lot of trouble restarting my freeze chains to get my damage back up. Also when I go into fight for my life I don’t feel I have enough damage to get back up?

Would love advice on either issue.

frost lyuda
frost lucians call
night hawkin
frost lazersploder
transformer/rough rider
cryo efficiency relic
Legendary Executor
cryo hex

skill build:


I don’t know much about Ice Zane, but, I do know that if any Anointed spawn on that map, and the Nighthawkin decides not to do fire damage…you’ve got no hope to finish it.

Another issue is you’ve chosen all precision weapons here. So you’re constantly aiming for crits even if that means losing the chance to do damage. Idk how well cryo stuff works. But with all that stuff, BrainFreeze should be a useful secondary tool, not the main thing. Get some cryo weapons you can body shot with. A frost Host shot gun maybe. That has some crazy splash.

Consider using other types of weapons and trying to use Cold Bore to make them temporarily cryo.

A good idea would be finding Fire and Shock weapons but getting them with Cryo While SNTL Anointments.

I’ve never watched a cryo Zane video, because I play Zane totally differently. But judging from the mechanics, I think you’ve loaded your loadout too far one way and it’s looking like it’s weaknesses piled up with its strengths.

Grenades: hexes do a lot of screen chaos. But so do a lot of grenades. If you do tvhm to Eden six, you can re-get the purple Whispering Ice grenade. That might work as well but with different visual mechanics. Idk. I need to get there myself

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thx for advice i slotted in a fire butcher to help out with anointed.

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Can´t see your build, link just sends me to the character description without showing me the skill trees. My advice, get an frozen heart shield from aurelia and use that in combination with the capstone in the green tree. If your barrier goes on cooldown, it triggers the nova that freezes everything that isn´t immune to kryo. With the right build you can instantly drop your barrier again. Annoynted are a pain for zane, get something with a ton of fire damage or a Masher/Maggie.