Dealing with small hitboxes vs large hitboxes

Cus it feels like, might just be me, but people with small hitboxes are even tankier than larger battleborn XD CAse in point,playin toby. Biiiiig hit box he has :X feels like a huge liability to larger battleborn.

Yeah the size of a character can really determine the outcome of a fight.

I’ve been playing a lot of El Dragōn recently and I feel much more comfortable laying into a Montana or a kleese than I do an orendi or an alani.

In fact it’s very seldom I’ll feel comfortable fighting Alani at all.

Fighting against skinny characters on PC vs Console is night and day. On PC they’re quite a bit easier to deal with, but on the console with its aiming handicap they can be a big pain.

Its astronomically worse when there’s a Marquis on the other side. Big characters are free kills for snipers, don’t even need head shots to get shut down.

Alani is the tankiest of them all saids volumes.