Dealing with Trolls

I was in a match in the experiment today duoing with someone. After constantly leaching off me he proceeded to jump off the edge 5 times after the second defense.
After the third defense (to show him i didn’t need him) i proceeded to taunt multiple times and gallop majestically around the map, Opening boxes while not getting the extra lives so that he would remain dead until he eventually left.
To be short, I hope something will be done about these type of people.


Agreed, this is the main reason I NEVER do story anything but private. Far too many bad experiences. Unfortunately though I can’t see a good fix for this.

Is the report function not available in pve?

Wether it does anything or not is the question for me. It doesn’t dispel leaching AT THE TIME nonetheless though, but as long as the reporting gets somewhere thats good enough for me i guess.

I’m not sure I’m following the scenario. He joined a game and then purposely went out of his way to jump off a ledge just to use up guys? If this is the case, you know what it sounds like? It sounds like a little kid playing. Like little little. I let mine play (with only me) on boards and that’s pretty much what they do. They don’t know any better and walk right off the edge. Even in my travels I’ve noticed a volume of “littler” players on mic. I’m 35 and I sound like I’m 12 on mic, but these are little kids. It could be that.

Wow in all my time doing PvE I’ve never had this happen. I’ve had people go inactive at the jump pad in Void’s Edge though.

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Never dealt with this exact issue, have had morons who rush in and die which uses Up all the lives.
If it’s in advanced I would just report and Probably die.

In normal, just continue on my way and skip the extra lives as you did. They eventually drop. If I get a rare drop, I then proceed to laugh my ass off.


My luck would be id get a challenge that gave me another life. That troll deserved it. I had people to that to me but they didn’t die when lives were at 0. I wish we could leave the game to split from the group and solo the rest of the story mission to avoid these people.

I think you may have made some incorrect assumptions about children today. Today, there are lots of 3 year olds who know how to use a phone. Maybe it’s just in my area, but toddlers can play on ipads just fine. The “gamer age” is lowering, pal.

And trust me, kids today are better at video games than you might think.

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No no, that’s not what I’m saying. Mine are 7 and 4. The 7 year old can handle it. The other one is still to young.

At that stage, I’m not sure they can even hold the controller.

LOL, if you could believe she could actually play just fine? I set her up on PVP private. She just doesn’t like to “fight”… She stays away from all the other AI and just kind of wanders around.

The one that is 4 wants desperately to “be good” at it.

So yes. I totally get little kids playing and being good. They both have tablets and Ipads. The older one has a “phone” that only calls us and it’s a watch. I’m well aware of what they are capable of.

What the author was describing sounds very stupid of someone to actually waste their time in doing. Hey, I’m going to join a game with my time. Then, I’m going to spend my time in the game just doing whatever? Are people really that bored that’s what they would do?

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Yes. Welcome to the world of anonymous interactions, where people who hide how sh*tty they are in real life, torment us normal people by deliberately wasting our time.

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Yeah, I don’t understand that. Sure, they are wasting your time, but they are also wasting theirs. Then, once they used up all the lives, they are just sitting their “watching”. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

If I saw someone doing that, I have no problems dying on purpose to start over to get a new group going.

Is this in an effort to get experience for free? or something like that? if you aren’t killing guys I don’t think you get XP?

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A large portion of the character exp comes from simply being in the match. While GBX does have a system to detect idle players, it may not be as harsh on players that are dead (because they can’t move or do anything to register as active except switch cameras around).

And on top of that, gear rewards have nothing to do with how active they are during the match. So long as someone is picking the gear up, it’s shared across all players.

So those two factors combine to create players who queue up for story missions and then kill themselves and leave someone else paying the bill while they do something else and occasionally pop in to kill themselves again if they happen to respawn to avoid being labeled idle or inactive by the server.

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Nope, some people are just ■■■■■■■ scum.

In the words of the Sentinel, ‘that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard’. Not your explanation, the behaviour! It’s really not that hard to get gear and experience. And it’s not like it ever affects gameplay that much. I just don’t get people who buy a game, but would rather sit and do nothing while other, irritated people play it for them. If you think playing the game is a chore, why buy it?! People baffle me sometimes.

LOL yeah. Then I take a dive and restart. I don’t need that. nobody needs that.


I was running normal Saboteur with what I thought was 2 randoms. Got to the part where you open the stairs to varelsi hell. Both left the game then I cleared the top and they happen to jump back in, start suiciding; I move on. They burn all lives and just sit at the previous spawn area. I mic up and ask wtf. They start talking smack and I told them I was finishing and dropped off mic. I proceed on with them just sitting there, clear one wave and then core dies. They then proceed to constantly message me jibberish until I block them. Sadly , they were “adults”. Was not going to share but changed my mind. Peace.