Deande and Ghalt Character Unlock BUG!

I will do my best to explain the issue. There are only 2 Battleborn heroes I have not unlcoked yet. Deande and Ghalt. I purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition and used my hero key to unlock Alani. The problem is this - Deande and Ghalt show that they have been unlocked in the Command Screen. It says nothing about their unlock requirements at all. But I can’t select either Deanda or Ghalt in the character selection menu when proceeding to a game. My command rank is not high enough to unlock either Deande or Ghalt from my memory. If my memory serves me correctly. Deande unlocks at lv 36 and Ghalt at 48. Or the both had special unlock requirements about beating missions on certain difficulties. They unlock requirements USED to be there. But they now are no longer there. I am nervous that my account is bugged and neither character will unlock at the appropriate time and I will not get the in-game and PSN trophy unlocks because of it. I’d love to be able to unlock and play these characters the proper way and get my account “debugged”.

It’s not a bug, You can see the requirement in Career Mode, in something called Unlockable or something like that. When you choose the battleborn tab, you can see all the requirement for any Battleborn.

I had the same issue but don’t worry, you can still unlock those battleborn.

Thanks! That is what Support just said as well. That it is a visual bug and the characters should unlock as normal. I’ll just have to wait and see when I hit the appropriate command rank.