Deande Attack Speed or Movement Speed?

With the recent discovery of how well Deande can be played in PvP the update gave her a much needed buff in all aspects (unless you one of the Deande uppercut spammers who think she was nerfed, and if you were for shame for saying you are a Deande main) with the Attack Speed Buff and Wound Debuff

Seeing as the Attack Speed buff is the bigger buff in alot of peoples minds I wanted to touch base on that and her as a character.

Now, Deande mains will all tell you that Deande + Attack Speed is beastly. She can sustain like no other, she can damage really good depending on your loadout, and she can make nice use of her Element of Surprise abilities with it.

But all Deande players, main or not, know her for the biggest flaw in her game, her movement speed.

With the recent buff to Alani’s sprint speed, Deande is now the second slowest character in the game (Montana being the slowest I believe). That to me just doesn’t seem befitting to an Assassin. But she can’t have both attack speed and movement speed can she?

So I wanted to ask you personally, would you rather have the movement speed or attack speed as deande?

Truthfully I would rather have the movement speed, as it gives you a more diverse option of how to run deande (Skill base damage or attack base damage) without having to hinder either of them. As to me, an attack speed build doesn’t do much for a skill damage build, and an attack speed build doesn’t do much for a skill damage build. But regardless of either of them, she needs movement speed to dart in and out of situations to play them both effectively. So which would you think would be better in your honest opinion?

tl;dr Could Deande perform better with a movement speed buff or a attack speed buff

It’s also safe to say that I’m happy with the buffs she got and glad they gave my low tier chars love (Whiskey, I feel you will be very viable now!)

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I personally love the buff coming for her however I feel if maybe they were to cut the buff to both movement speed and attack speed it would go a long ways to making her a menace in PvP and PvE without the use of the uppercut. Just a bit of both is all.

Movement speed. She’s a slug out there.

I’m going to disagree, but only because I have my views on movement speed.

MS is nice when you NEED it, but useless when you don’t. I’d rather use posiioning and trapping, than trying to rely on keeping an enemy locked down or slowed enough that my movement keeps me apace with them. Bottom line: EVERYONE has Sprint, which trumps movement in most cases. Without the ability to MOVE as fast as someone sprints, they’ll almost always outdistance you if you’re the aggressor.

Now, MS DOES apply, when you’re on the defense or trading to tilt the game in your favor. In those cases, getting out of an AoE or a LoSnare, can be useful. But with Deande, you’re probably melee trading rather than ranged trading, and it’s almost impossible to dodge those shots at point blank range.

Deande’s game however, isn’t really about Trading. Even more than Rath, she has several means of head-faking and setting up for a good gut-punch. That’s what you should be looking for, not the ability to stay in attack range. Cause that means you’re chasing a kill, or as most would say, being led into a trap. :slight_smile:

She absolutely needed the Attack speed buff. Besides boldur she was the slowest hitting melee.

It was literally painful early game and then you had to stack around 15% as to even get going. The reason you kept stacking as is because it removed the sequence in upper cut where they could still hit you on the way down.

If they had just removed upper cut it would be a mega nerf, but since they made it so you can now hit LB + Y and hit just over 1k damage anyone you want to assassinate at level 5 is just going to die. Everything else was just QoL change.

LB+Y? What is Y here?

Anyway, tried deande twice yesterday post patch, feels quite fine. She’s actually quite fun to play on Monuments, due to the amount of sideways you can use to reach your target.

As for AS or MS… why not both, maybe. Stacking AS isn’t as necessary as before with that 15% AS buff, so attack damage works quite well as well.
Simply, it’s in %. So since Deande is pretty much the slowest character around (I think Montana is actually as fast as her, not slower), this means that any MS increase will give less "m/s " increase for her compared to anyone else.

Deande’s my main. I played her yesterday to get in a few more games before uppercut juggling went away (no i don’t always do that but it’s good fun when I do).

That being said all the various buffs that she got make her a much more viable character for many more builds. With her increased versatility and effectiveness I think that adding more movement speed would be slightly overkill.

On top of that when you factor in the cloak and slide jump you have a character that is already top tier at getting the hell away from people she dosent like.

Use the Stolen Edge of Acryvnorr. They replaced the secondary stat to movement speed. You could even run another movement speed with that if you wanted.

I think it boils down to preference. You can certainly go with MS to make her more slippery and close the distance on foes more, but with her holotwin, burst dash (not ground zero) and sprinting off-hand melee already gives her a lot of maneuverability. I run AS on her, (well just two greens that have AS increase with melee hit) and with the buff i’ve melted a kelvin and an isic just today. I haven’t personally run MS on her because with he i don’t feel a sense of urgency or need to jump into the fray with her, but i’m wiling to give it a try.

I do however miss her knock up, only because it was so satisfying to knock Rath out of his ult with it XD

I was really surprised they didn’t touch her move speed and went with atk speed. Everyone’s biggest gripe with her was that she’s this tiny little assassin and she runs like a rock. It makes no ■■■■■■■ sense. I like her a lot more than I did but still kinda sucks. But hey, I run boots of the brute so I move fine but still. I love the change to the uppercut. Most people don’t realize that by knocking someone up with that, you’re immobilizing yourself as well. Seems a lot smoother now but what do I know?

they should buff her movement speed and nerf boldur’s

“Movement Speed” gear improves sprint AND walk/strafe/fighting speed. “Sprint Speed” gear only affects sprint speed. Hence why the percentage on sprint speed is always higher (~10%) than movement speed (~5%).

Also notice that any helix which affects “movement speed” (eg 30% after Rath’s shield breaks) obviously boosts sprint speed, too.

Yep, same way with attack damage and crit, and with some chars attack damage and skill damage (like ghalts ult). She does so well with movement speed as she has such short range that moving with her opponent keeps them being hit for awhile.

Yes, but the instant you attack someone, you are pulled OUT of sprint and forced back into regular movement. So again, unless your movement speed exceeds someone’s sprint, they will outdistance you. MS does give you a bit more control over the fight, but it also makes fights LONGER, which helps no one, and hurts everyone. Further, there’s no guarantee that movement speed will be a deciding factor. If you get hit with a snare, slow or stun, your movement speed is rendered null and void and your target’s going to get away. If your target is hit with a snare slow or stun, being faster doesn’t mean anything than maybe getting an extra hit in, if you’re lucky.

TLDR reduction: It’s better to hit and kill someone in three hits, than stay with them for five or six and maybe get a kill before they reach safety. Movement won’t trump gamesmanship and tactical thought.

I only tried Deande once, briefly, but is she actually that slow?

She certainly always seems deadly fast enough when she is chasing me down to burst damage me to death!

Right now she is probably the slowest char in game, if an opponent was able to chase you down then chances are she had movement speed or you were slowed by her

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You are? I am not, her melee felt like I was hitting someone in slow mo lol Currently running boots of the brute and SEoF which both give me movement speed while SEoA gives me more attack speed and with the nice slow from the boots, it is an amazing set up on her.

It got it’s secondary stat changed to crit damage I believe so it no longer gives attack speed.

Wasn’t referring to the boots but SEoE which gives me an additional ~17% more attack speed.

Sorry for the confusion but the way you worded it makes it sound like both give attack speed.