Deande Black Skin?

Just wondering, but any clue how to get it?

I would imagine you either play one match with her or Finish Heliophage on Advanced.
I unlocked ISIC’s by running through The Algorithm with him

Pretty sure it’s beating the heliophage on advanced

I beat the heliophage on advanced, and it says by all accounts that I completed the challenge but the skin still isn’t unlocked for me :confused:

Well if you’re supposed to have her black skin already just die on Heliophage adv and you’ll get it if you already supposed to have it

I had the same issue. Challenges were all 100% complete but all the skins were still locked. I ran a quick Algorithm to try out the new update changes and when the match ended, I found I unlocked about half of those skins as rewards. Deande’s wasn’t one of them, but as stated, I’d imagine just doing another Heliophage would work. So guess what I’m doing tonight. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That skin looks so good! Gonna try this, have to have it!

I don’t know why this isn’t retroactive as it was supposed to be. Something glitches up. But it’s a solid skin no doubt.

Hopefully they fix this soon as I really don’t want to do the challenges for all characters.

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It worked, just threw myself off helio advance and got it.

Tried this every way possible and the only skin it unlocked was Melka’s.

I’ve got eight more “master of’s” with no black skins. Does anyone know the secret handshake to unlock these skins?

Did you do it on adv?

Yes, once normal and once hardcore. Will just keep trying.

Wait, had you already unlocked Deande by doing a legitimate adv Heliophage run or did you unlock her though CR? The ‘throwing yourself off the edge’ trick only works for people who had already completed her alternative unlock challenge before the update. If you had already, then it seems your champion skin might be bugged. :confused:
I’d try running a full Heliophage on adv, from start to finish, to see if that works. If you’re on PS4, I could help.

I unlocked her by adv helio completion

I posted before I realized the connection between Unlockables and Champion Skins. I really didn’t earn Deande’s or Gault’s. My bad.

Ah, so completing a full run through of the Heliophage on adv should solve this.


Took 2:33 to get it, as stated above, just run Helio Adv HC then jump. (Confirmed)