Deande Bot.... Dissappeared?

I was doing some testing when something… odd happened. A picture story;

So, as you can see, on the scoreboard there, on my team I have a Deande. But in the picture below that, taken at the same moment, there… is no Deande? You can’t see her on the minimap, nor can you see any sort of death timer for her (Which would be displayed above our sentry health)
In the third picture you can see that when I die the camera displays our spawn, as it does when your whole team is dead and there is no one to spectate. I’m the only one who is dead, though. Deande is still displayed on the scordeboard, both in game and in the match results screen, and from her stats you can see she was in the match at some point. She also finished the whole match with 0 deaths…

What happened? Did… Did the varelsi get her?



Kind of her job, no?



Must be a thing because on a bots match yesterday Deande was gone.

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Had the same thing happen with a Kelvin in one of my 3v5 training sessions not long ago.

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That’s the sort of disappearing trick I’d expect from a Pendles bot (although I wouldn’t expect zero deaths in that case!)


She used Holotwin and stealthed away…

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I suppose Deande and Mellka did not sort out their differences. In fact, Deande was so disgusted at the sight of Mellka that she just DC’d. “Done with your elf ■■■■■■■■ Mell”


@Nemosis327 is not at liberty to discuss where he goes as Deande. Spymistress business.


I’ve noticed in some circumstances the game can confuse Bot-Deande’s Holotwin for Bot-Deande (discovered that while finishing Pendles’s lores in Bots Battle). Maybe there was some weird glitch where that went in reverse?


…Used to be very confusing.
On Helio you could leave 5 twins on the center island and if they got knocked off your team would rush to save you.
If you died, your team thought it was a clone and ignored you. Fun times.

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