Deande build ideas

I just started playing Deande and not sure what build would go best with her.

I really like Deande and have been using her for awhile, she can be overwhelmingly strong in 1v1 and even 2v1. her only real problem is how her melee works it’s kinda wonky and hard to get used to unlike raths or shayne&aurox.

Anyways back to the topic, I usually run skill damage on her since you should never been exposed with her for prolonged periods of time, that with Attack damage and critical strike because oddly she seems to score alot of criticals. Her last piece of gear has always been tricky for me because movement speet and sprint speed is great for moving in stealth can killing weakened foes who do not know when to leave, while CDR makes her more of a nuisance but cdr isn’t much to be noticable. Crit damage or atk speed make both you and your clone abit more lethal so hmmmmmmmm.

Deande just stack attack speed and damage.

She has a helix for movement speed.

Anyone tried to stack max shield? To add that damage through helix tree to her burst dash? Or the damage bonus will be barely noticable?

Or go skill damage and cooldown. I personally do it since I’m not using the uppercut that much for now

It’s noticeable indeed. I used it to complete the kill Jennerit Troops lore in Story Missions with the AoE helix. It helped a ton

How much bonus shield do you think we can stack through gear? Something like up to 300? So it will give 150 additional damage?

I personally have not tried the shield break + normal burst dash combo. It definitely should since the AoE can hit as much as almost 200 per tick without stacking shields

Rather dangerous to take broken shield helix it removes burst dash as an opener relegating it to a finisher that can leave you in an extremely vulnerable position.

Taking it with the hilariously mediocre aoe dash is suicidal

Yep. Never use shield break + AoE burst dash in PvP lol.

It is however a high risk high reward combination tho (I mean with normal Burst Dash) so if you always miss with burst dash, I advise don’t

Oh and a tip to the TS. Don’t go head on. Always flank

This build is used with the legendary item that recharges your shield after holotwin is used as far as i know.

I have a Comeback King, which deals ~115 damage to nearby enemies when my shield breaks, so that combined with Calculated Risk and a +shield and +skill gear is pretty funny. I think it also works on the holotwin.

  1. NEVER take the terrible Burst Dash AoE in PvP, the ticks are unreliable and it leaves you exposed and vulnerable. Great for PvE, never on PvP.

  2. The juggle mutation is severely overrated, once again it leaves you exposed and vulnerable and it’s also avoidable if you’re quick to react.

  3. Burst Dash. ALWAYS augment Burst Dash. It’s a great initiator due to its secondary effect plus Deande’s passive but also a great finisher when you’te cloaked and stalking a low health enemy, a very versatile skill that can be augmented to generate large damage output. Except for the AoE, NEVER the AoE, and take reduced cooldown over increased distance, Deande’s cooldowns are frustratingly long and despite 40% seeming like a lot it’s only a short lunge.

  4. Thrown war fan damage at level 3. You already have passive life steal, as an opportunist you’ll spend a lot of time throwing fans to weaken potential targets and since Deande’s movement speed is slow they’re a great finisher when an enemy tries to flee.

I should have just posted my build lol that would have been shorter haha. The rest is up to you, good luck!

But you forgot the most important thing here guys. If you wanna farm Rendain on the Heliophage the easiest way to do it is Deande’s uppercut do to the fact he literally cant recover PvP players can but he cant.

But yeah you have a pretty good list but I disagree Burst Dash AoE augment is better in PvE but I find that in PvP the direction Augment was better.

I have the exotic that adds shield and gives you an over shield for 8 seconds when your shield fully recharges. This gear coupled with her character exotic may do insane damage if it counts the over shield. Will have to try this.

Was this reply to me? If so that’s what I said lol.

Oh sorry I must of misunderstood along the way. But it can also be used as a generalization which is not a bad thing. Also who else here is sick of the nerf this buff this complains that seem never ending.(some of which correspond to deande)