Deande causing Lag for anyone else?

So for probably the last week, every time I play a match where there is a Deande I have terrible lag.
It’s not just when she’s in frame either.
Happening in private and public matches.
Any other time, everything is perfect.

Anyone else experiencing this?
@JoeKGBX, any idea??

Although it hasn’t caused any problems on my end, but from time to time when I play as her my teammates experience lag. I suppose it’s the game accommodating one extra entity being created suddenly.

So this is kind of a known thing. Whenever there are more than Deande in a match, every twin summoned creates a bit of lag for all Deandes. It was absolutely debilitating during chaos rumble, but not nearly as bad a constant red bar.

With all that being said, the Deande lag probably exacerbates your connection quality or what server you are on. Just one of the side effects of playing one of the best characters in the game.

Just imagine a Deande 5 on 5 in Chaos Rumble. Yikes.

Back to the point though. I occasionally get brief lag spikes whenever I use holotwin or another Deande does, but afterwards, everything runs smoothly again so it hasn’t really caused any major issues for me.

10 level 10 Deandes. That’s up to 30. God help us

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I thought if Deande used her normal cloak while the holotwin from Dopplegangup was still active, it caused it to despawn. I swear she can only have 1 clone active at a given time. Unless I’m wrong? Or have I just miscounted?


Really? You may be right, it’s been a while since my Deande days (before any buffs). We need a dedicated testing team tbh. Oh wait, those are called devs (jk. Mostly). Deande seems to be a very odd character

I know for a fact she cannot have more than one clone at a time. (They changed it to keep the perma-clone bug from happening.) Still doesn’t stop me from making the mistake of using holotwin to escape from my ult though. (For the stealth, which makes the clone spawned from Blink Storm have about 0.5 seconds to do anything before the holotwin replaces her.)

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Good to know, thanks. And oh, that’s when. PVE was the only time I reached level ten with her and that was near the end of my PVE days, so I’m not surprised at my ignorance

Reminds me of the days when the infinite clone glitch was still a thing. :broken_heart:

If one clone is giving you a hard time, this would literally break your game.

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I loved those things :cry:
Esepcially when I could sit back and they did all the work :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did a solo run on the Heliophage and made an army of them. I then proceeded to watch and laugh as they destroyed Rendain. I had never seen him die so fast. :wink:


One clone for each time she was forced to disobey her empress