Deande Collective Info, Analysis, Tips & Builds

So as the title implies this is a thread that is going to be dedicated to anything and everything Deande.

Everyone is welcomed to offer their input as this will help making a collective analysis of Deande and her skills. I will do my best to keep this page updated. I will provide some basic numbers I have collected from personal gameplay and comparison.

##Base Stats
HP: 983 (+65 hp per level up)
SHIELD: 300 (no increase per level up)
MELEE ATTACK: 73 (+3 per level up), 107.38 (Helix 7 ‘Fan O’ War’)
RANGED ATTACK: 58 / doubles every 3rd attack (+2 per level up), 73.16 (Helix 3 ‘Fan Appreciation’)

HP: Max 196.6, 255.58 (Helix 2 ‘Refined Emitters’), but if Deande’s is lower when summoned it will match that.
SHIELD: Deande’s shield level at the time of summoning.
MELEE ATTACK: 18.25, 27.375 (Helix 2 ‘All Safeties Off’)
RANGED ATTACK: 14.5 / doubles every 3rd attack, 21.75 (Helix 2 ‘All Safeties Off’)

"Cloaks Deande and deploys a decoy to fight in her stead."
DAMAGE: Base damage listed above. / 200 Damage on expiry or death / 230 (Helix 6 mutation ‘Ire’s Echo’)
DURATION: 8 seconds / 15 seconds (Helix 9 ‘Lingering Light’)
COOLDOWN: 28 seconds / 21 seconds (Helix 9 ‘Improved holographics’)

Burst Dash
"Deande charges forward, dealing damage and pushing back enemies and weakening them."
DAMAGE: 200 / 70 per tic (Helix 1: ‘Ground Zero’) / 230 (Helix 6 ‘Burst Brawler’) / 80.5 (‘Ground Zero’ & ‘Burst Brawler’)
DURATION: Instant.
COOLDOWN: 18 seconds / 13.5 seconds (Helix 8 ‘Energized’)
ADDITIONAL EFFECT: Weakened (lowers character’s attack damage by 30%)

Blink Storm
"Upon activation, Deande unleashes a flurry of strikes directly ahead of her striking up to 5 enemies."
DAMAGE: 50 damage per strike / 10 strikes total.
DURATION: 3 second activation
COOLDOWN: 70 seconds / 60 seconds (Helix 10 ‘Gathering Storm’).

"After uncloaking, all skills and attacks deal additional damage."
DAMAGE: 25% damage increase.
DURATION: 3 seconds after uncloaking.

+50% Dash on Holotwin - H1 - Turns Burst Dash into AOE
+50% decoy attack damage - H2 - +30% decoy health
+18% ranged damage - H3 - +10% life steal on melee
+40 Burst Dash damage - H4 - Burst Dash 50% life steal
+3 sec Slow effect E.O.S. strikes - H5 - +25% ‘backstab’ E.O.S. strikes
+15% Burst Dash damage - H6 - +30% movement speed Holo.
+18% melee damage - H7 - +23% damage vs. Weakened
+40 Burst Dash damage distance - H8 - Burst Dash -25% CD
Holotwin -25% CD - H9 - Holotwin +7 sec. life duration
Blink Storm spawns a decoy - H10 - -5/-10 sec on Blink Storm kill


  • Rank 3 / Helix 9 “Deft hands” - +50% shield penetration on Burst Dash.
  • Rank 5 / Helix 6 “Ire’s Echo” - +15% decoy death damage & +3 seconds slow effect.
  • Rank 7 / Helix 3 “Uppercut” - Adds knock-up effect on melee strike.
  • Rank 9 / Helix 5 “Beast of momentum” - +10% movement speed for 3 seconds on enemy kill.
  • Rank 12 / Helix 1 “Wonder Twins” - +25% life steal on Holotwin.

##Legendary Gear

    • 9.15 Attack Speed.
    • 3.92 Cooldown Time.
  • ‘Deande Only: Activating Holotwin causes your shields to immediately begin recharging.’

I will post any builds that people post in this thread here. Please provide the Helix choices and a overview of your choices and goal of your builds.

rsquires82 build
H1: L - Helps for either setting up ‘backstab’ or fleeing.
H2: R - Increased HP to help decoy last longer.
H3: L - Increased ranged damage…yes please.
H4: L - Increased damage…again…yes please.
H5: R - The backbone of my build. ‘Backstab’ effect!
H6: M - After some testing I found this works great against Melee’s who take the twin head on.
H7: R - While the increase does not effect everyone, it’s overall increase on your current target is to good to pass up.
H8: R - Took the CD as I am not sure on the distance.
H9: R - Great combo w/ H2 HP increase.
H10: L - This is a no brainer for me. another decoy…

  • My build is mainly focused on heavy hit-and-run ‘backstab’ damage with the ability to close the gap and/or flee with all the movement speed increases on Holotiwn. H2 and H9 choices combo nicely for a decoy that last longer, again allowing more time for ‘backstab’ effect.


  • Secondary attack is a ranged and damage doubles every 3rd attack making her ranged attack fairly good for a melee character. (Close-Mid range, after mid range distance fans will curve outwardly.)

  • Deande’s fan strikes have a natural ‘life steal’. This includes her ranged attacks. The ‘life steal’ is 15% of the damage dealt by melee or ranged fan attacks.

  • Ult goes through friendly’s. Use this to set up behind big minions or characters like Montana.

  • Deande does not uncloak on decoy death, only on ability/melee use or cloak timer runs out.

  • Decoy’s shields will regenerate over time and can be healed by allies.

  • Burstdash’s weakened effect applies to all enemies hit with ‘Ground Zero’ helix 1 option.

  • Helix 4 ‘Drain Dash’s’ 50% ‘life steal’ effects every tic from Helix 1’s ‘Ground Zero’.

  • Using Deande’s melee strike while sprinting will do a drop kick. If looking up while doing this you can propel her to increased heights.

##Gear Loadouts

  • Fan of the Retreat.
  • Violent Endoskeletal Graft.
  • Violent Ability Catalyst.
    Total Effects:
    +9.80% Attack Speed
    +10.85 Attack Speed for 5 seconds after landing a melee hit.
    -4.20% Cooldown Time.
    +9.18% Attack Damage.
    +7.00% Skill Damage.
    “Shields immediately start to recharge on Holowin activation.”

Do you have numbers on how much her HP and damage increases per level? For that matter, is it a set percentage increase across all characters or are all values unique and calculated by different means?

still going over game clips and comparing data. will update it as soon as i check the numbers

Also added the number adjustments based off of non-mutation helix options. Also checking to see if her holotwin’s numbers adjust based off of helix options such as “Fan O’ War” and “Fan Appreciation”

This is excellent. I don’t have any gameplay from the open beta so my plan was to do something like this after release but you’re onto it mate, great work!

I still want to do some tutorials or demonstrations and your crunching numbers will make that a lot easier, this will be a great thread for all Deande and Battleborn players alike!

Please feel free to add any link, videos, or stats you uncover. ^.^

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Deande gains 65 HP per level up, no shield increase. Melee is increased 3 points per level, ranged is increased 2 points per level.

Every 3rd ranged attack is doubled in damage. This is shown through the animation. 56 > 56 > 115.

Addition: Something I find funny is Helix option 9. Lingering Light / Improved holographics. They essentially do the same thing. when you compare the duration/cooldown of Holotwin with each option, you have the same outcome; 13 seconds without your holotwin.

This seems like the helix option would heavily depend on your helix optioin at level 2; Refined Emitters / All Safeties Off.

  • Refined Emitters / Lingering Light = HIgh hp / low attack holo w/ increased duration. ‘Decoy holo’

  • All Safeties Off / Improved Holographics = Low hp / high attack holo w/ reduced cooldown. ‘Attacker holo’

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Just want to say I love that you did this. I unlocked her with little interest in her and she quickly became my favorite playstyle. I will definitely try to help with this once I get to do some testing on release.

I will continue to update the page as much as possible.

The hardest part to test is going to be her decoy’s damage and adjustments. My major focus is on if the cloak’s damage increases as it simply states it’s a percentage of Deande’s and seeing how her damage increases per level…

I look forward to all contributions.

Of all the characters I tested (not many admittedly… Orendi, Oscar Mike, Toby, Boldur, Miko) everyone gains 65 health per level. Meaning squishies are advantaged over tanks late game due to higher percentage gain on their base health. 65 health on Montana is nothing. 65 health on Benedict is huge. (note I did not test Benedict or Montana, I am only making an educated guess that everyone gains 65 health per level).

In regards to the HP per level, this may or may not be true. As you have stated that 65 HP to a tank characteris is nothing. So far I have only compared Deande’s gains to Phoebe. Will also compare to Rath (time permitting with finals week approaching).

I am mostly comparing her to other assassin types for now as to show that she is either UP, OP, or average by comparison.

Thanks for the input tho, greatly appreciated.

UPDATED INFO: Deande will remain cloaked even if her decoy is killed.
She will only de-cloak on attack, ability, or the cloaks timelimit runs out.

Also her decoy when summoned will have Deande’s current HP and Shield count at the time of summoning.

Ok a few more infos: Her twin will only attack in melee, you can recognize him that way. If you heal or overshield the clone it will not transfer to the real deande. I mastered her if your interested i could post all the mutations.

And her legendary gear of course.

This is untrue, her decoy also throws fans.

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Well, my twins always charge in head first trying to melee the opponent. I never even once (after well over 15h with deande) saw them throw fans.

I have seen my twin use ranged attacks.

The twin does seem to ‘prefer’ melee attacks but I just played a match where I was fighting a Benedict and he flew up, immediately my twin started throwing her fans.

However you are correct that over shields do not transfer to the clone.

Any advice on how to use her ultimate blink storm? It seems to just get me killed and I have yet to notice the stun actually stunning anyone. In theory, it looks op as hell, in practice, it feels so weak that I am convinced that I must be doing something wrong, lol.

yeah, pretty easy.

cloak, wait a couple of secs for it, then hit the ult and it will stun your target. don’t try to get many hits on a single target while it stands in a crowd of minions tho, won’t work too well. hit E, melee and / or cloak away, profit.

sentries WILL target and kill you nearly instantly when you ult, this seems to be a bug tho.

I am in finals week this week, afterwards I will be going through this page throughly and making updates. Anyone is free to post videos, link, or data they have collected and I will be sure to add them.

To add to the ULT question: her Ult causes stun while its striking the enemy. Not afterwards. my set goes like this; lead with burst dash to lower attack, immediately followed by holotwin (I hold in back to land behind my twin due to the H1 L option), this gives me cover, follow up with ULT. If this is against one target, they are done. The Ult holds them still and causes damage while my twin is still striking them.

I find her Ult extremely selective in its use. Also try using it behind waves of minions or teammates as you will go through them and the enemy won’t see you charging up.

So far Deande’s Ult is the only one that I can think of that will go through friendly players and minions, Use this to your advantage when setting it up.

The ult also works on all heights. Eg. On incursion at my first sentry I could still hit players on the sniping platform while under it.

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