Deande damage vs life steal for PvP

Whats more useful, more damage or life steal?

From what I’ve seen of her play, damage. Life steal is useful for if you plan on regularly engaging 1v1/brawling like Rath or Attikus, and even then only Rath makes life steal really good. Attikus is better of with damage.

Deande is a tricky minx, that can dish out a lot of damage without getting touch. May as well make them die quicker.

Thats what I was thinking. She doesnt have the dps to have a good life steal effect for PvP.

Damage she has life steal for her helix which you can get. She spents time stealthed so not taking hits also her other skill reduces there damage done for a short time so Survivabilty is taken care of you want to get the kill fast as possible.

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Deande has passive life steal already so increase damage rather than adding more life steal. I main Deande and I always take the thrown fan damage over life steal, her thrown fans despite being her alt fire are so reliable and the third throw is so powerful that it may as well be her primary attack, always increase damage and throw fans :wink:


Thanks Slif! I am eager to “git gud” with her. :smile:

You have to consider your situation as well. I’m of the firm mind that life steal is only truly beneficial when you are facing weaker or same level enemies. Stronger enemies will still plow through you. Whereas damage will benefit you against weak and strong. That’s my 2 cents

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PvP take uppercut, if you don’t have it use thrown damage.

I use her alt fire way more than her normal melee attacks unless I’m juggling someone.

I struggled with the uppercut. Then again I had Rath who was constantly bullying me! I really like that thrown fan damage. But ill give uppercut another try.