Deande....definitely needs some work

If I use rath, gali, thorn pretty much anyone I can get at least 8 kills in pvp. But deande’s ult is so useless winding up for 3-4 seconds and only doing 500dmg it’s just pointless. And burst dash knocking them back is counter effective because most of the time you want to be close. The Holotwin is op for escaping and sneaking up for the assassin kills she just doesn’t do the dmg for the kills. I either have to steal other peoples kills or other people steal mine due to deande’s inability to put out the dmg without them escaping. The uppercut is awesome but it’s also not hard for other players to get away from. Rath can use his ult and kill a player full shield full health but deande’s will only take them to about half even after the 4 second wind up. During this wind up for her ult I’ve been stopped so many times by gali and I just lose my ult and don’t get it back for the 70 seconds or whatever I just don’t think it’s right for it to do so little damage and to be so easily escaped or stopped. As this character being an assassin I strongly believe she needs a buff on something to make her more evenly matched. I’m really hoping something about her gets upped so I can use deande in pvp. She would be my favorite character if she wasn’t so under powered.


She’s very powerful in all reality. But you need to learn what her powers are for. She’s most powerful right after cloak reveal, your ultimate stuns people, and your burst reduces their damage output. She’s an incredibly powerful ganker. Let someone else go toe to toe with the enemy and come in for the slaughter. Be the assassin

Edit: stealth assassin


Thats only for 3 seconds. That needs to be increased at the most 10 seconds considering the length of her decoy cooldown is above 20 seconds and her melee hitbox is still really small and linear which it shouldn’t be.

If you are trying to assassinate people at full sheild and health you are making a mistake with her (unless its marquis or Toby you are hunting). She excels at picking off those who are already weak. If they chose to stick around after taking significant health damage they are asking for you to kill them. But comparing her and her potential to those others is a mistake, she is a stealth assassin who should be played like she is a bitch. Don’t exchange blows, DO attack from behind and use your team as a distraction to pick off the weak ones. That’s your JOB. Not to brawl and be a high damage dealer but to finish people.

Btw, in this game the only 2 people who have any right to complain about kill steals are el dragon and kelvin cause they need stacks. Otherwise it doesn’t matter who gets the kill just GET THE KILL and that is what deande is there to do, get the kill.

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Oh and her ult is a utility not a destroyer. That means it should be use to finish a single person not paying attention at low health if you can but its TRUE intention is for you to stealth behind a team and provide a HUGE stun and your team to follow up on it while you run away again and get ready to pick someone off.

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How often do players actually stand still long enough for the ult to go off though? A low health player trying to escape will never get caught in its range. As for team fights, they’d have to be standing relatively still and have no idea that you’re even there.

I disagree with you, yes she is powerful if you can actually land everything. But her burst dash is extremely hard to use and her main attack has a hit box that is also hard to use. I use deande all the time and in this match I am 10-3-9 but rath has silenced my ultimate everytime so far and I lose it for 70 seconds again. That’s just not right. And deande is great for helping the team but again she is an assassin she should be able to easily take people out not just be an assist character because she’s not a support.

I’m honestly hoping she gets some kind of buff, because I really love this character but her damage output is pretty bleak compared to others.

Also, is she supposed to be able to get damaged during her ult? I’ve died multiple times in the middle of the animation and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

The only thing she needs is a melee hitbox buff. Other than that I think she is perfect :slight_smile:

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You can still aim the ult while it channels. So if they move aim at them as they move. Deande may be stationary but the aim isnt

I’ve played Deande quite a bit, and I think the only thing she really needs is a hit box buff. It’s ridiculous that a Galilea and Rath can run circles around me and do melee damage to me without me being able to do anything back to them because they are out of my hurt box. Other than that, I think she is just fine. She is an assassin. She is meant to be played as an assassin. Her strength lies in strategic engagements. If there are three people fighting in a spot…let’s say Galilea, Miko, and Montana for example, as a Deande user I would stealth, Target Miko, kill Miko before anyone realizes what just happened, and retreat. She is great at doing this, and should be played like an actual assassin. Your job is to kill key players essential to the other team, and CC them out of their abilities with the third juggle mutation. Also, Deande’s ult should mostly be used in coordination with your team to stunlock multiple players so your team can get an easy kill.


If Rath is slicing your Ult then why arent you cloaking>position yourself behind Rath>profit. We all know melee FOV are very limited, you should be taking advantage of this. Deande is not a mindles spam character like Rath, Gali etc

Another use…let enemy give chase, run around wall etc. immediatly activate Ult and they walk straight into it…no escape. Burst dash is also not hard to use, I usually open or flank with this move leaving them weakened (also taking the Helix for extra damage vs weakened) then I cloak>attack why? You now have 2 sources of bonus damage from weakened state AND “element of surprise” bonus damage when coming out of cloak.

It honestly bugs the heck out of me when people think just because they play X character and do well…that if they choose Y character and underperform that its automatically the character thats the problem. Try asking for tips to put to use rather than blurting “buff buff buff!”.

I will say her melee hitbox may need to be altered, although personally I dont have much trouble w/it…but her uppercut needs to be nerfed, that endless spam juggle is silly.

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Well if you cloak before using Ult the low health will not know youre there, once you activate you appear but they cant get out of range before it activates (IF you position yourself correctly) so…

I disagree about nerfing the uppercut. It’s apart of her offense. It’s one of the only tools she has. If you take away that juggle, you eliminate half of her offense. Let’s look at other melee characters. Galilea has a silencing field/pull field/damage field, an “oh crap gotta run” ultimate, and a stun projectile. El Dragon has a Barry Allen speed clothesline that can pop an enemy in the air with a lvl 4 mutation and with en fuego, the dragon splash grants a 2 second stun…that’s 2 reliable CC moves. Rath can pop you in the air with one move and then slow you with another. Phoebe can teleport to your location from a far off position and slow you, then silence you with a blade rush (available at lvl1) followed by a melee combo. Atticus and Kelvin can CC the crap out of you with their abilities. Now we look at Deande, who only has cloak and burst rush as her abilities, and one has to be used sparingly, as it can mean life or death if you can’t use cloak to escape when you are surrounded. The most Burst Rush can do is deal damage and slow enemies…when combined with cloak. Compared to all the other melee characters with amazing abilities at their disposal, it puts Deande at a considerable disadvantage. She NEEDS that juggle.

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Im just sayin…in my experience certain characters cant escape (attack speed buff maybe?), which is obviously broken

actually any character can escape. they are not stunned and you are still within range of a quick melee skill. one quick melee will put you out of range since her hitbox is so small.

I see…didnt consider that at all.

All melee should be linear. All melee is linear in reality. That’s how blades work.

Well Battleborn is a game so last I checked “reality” has no relevance.

Right, because no game is based in reality.