Deande fanart. Maybe more to come :)

Some Deande art on toned paper I drew up awhile ago. Just before the open beta I think. REALLY dig the characters and hope to find time to draw more.

If I do, they’re likely to show up on my IG first. Same username if anyones interested :smile:

Thanks for looking :smiley:


NEAT! As fellow artist I´ve to say your lining is excellent :heart: I love how you did the eyes and the swing of her hair.
Will you color it? Aaaand which tools do you use?

That looks great! I would love to see more, if you decide to do more!

…Excellent :sunny:

Thanks :smile:

I drew on Strathmore grey tone paper. My tools are kinda plain.
I used:
-Grapgear .05 mechancial pencil to sketch it out.
-08 Micron for heavy lines
-005 Micron for smaller detail lines
-05 Red Micron for the colored lines
-Pental Tuff Stuff eraser to get rid of the pencil lines

Don’t know if I’ll have time to color it. I would like to, but my job keeps me busy with other projects (tattoo artist). If I do get to, I’ll definitely post it :smiley:

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Damn, that is some fine work.

I love how much you did with just strokes of red and black.

I know it’s a lot, but I highly suggest a big collage using the black plus faction color for everyone. Either all 25/30 or just factions. I think that would look incredible. Awesome work

She is magnificent, well done on this beautiful sketch of the lovely spy mistress. If you’re doing art on her, then I hope you do more on either her involvement on missions or her speaking to us as we progress through missions. Heck, you could even do art on her and Foxtrot’s date. But if this is all you have have planned for Deande, then I still say well done, and never stop making art.

Nicely done.

Beautiful drawing. It looks fantastic.

Nice work! :slight_smile: