Deande filled the team after others bailed

Really enjoying Deande for Advanced PvE.
My goto now.
(It was Thorn then Alani but, well, you know they got stomped on.)

The Archive advanced, only other team member bailed early, before the Data guys.
But Deande filled the team baby!

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An easy task for a professional assassin.


Apparently, Miko and Kelvin aren’t the only characters that should be referred to with a plural pronoun.

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@wisecarver, please do a guide. We need more guides.

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how do you do that with the holotwins is that pc only

All platforms (I’m on Xbox)

As far as the method goes, it is only passed down from generation to generation of a tight lipped ancient Chinese family… or you know… by a convenient Google search


Choose her ult Holotwin, and good luck!

OK, works best if when you get to Helix 9 and 10 choose Left.

Now make sure your clone is ready before you use your Ult.

Hit your Ult and wait 3 seconds, then spam your clone button.

You can safely do this 7 times, more than that and the game suffers.

I would actually really enjoy and helix guide.

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Oh and gear too please!

I actually have an amazing load out with her!

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I user her legesdary gear, standard shard gen and attack speed/cooldown

Her helix the way I do Helio is:

  1. M
  2. L
  3. L
  4. L
  5. R
  6. M
  7. L
  8. R
  9. L
  10. L

Out of curiosity, why dont you go for the uppercut at 3?
Or the burst dash damage increase at 6? haha sorry I am just curious on how you play her. I tend go L with 6

I do depending on the team but some people, certain classes, complain when the boss is in the air forever. :smile:

As for 6, that one I can go with but I find it safer not to on maps like Sabo.

I don’t do Uppercut because to me it sounds like it doesn’t do too much damage.
I go for the LifeSteal and sometimes +18% damage on thrown fans.

Very true, I try and coordinate with one person and I tell then when I enable that then they can watch for it.

Uppercut can lock one person down permanently in PvP. It makes Deande extremely weak against 2+ players but 1v1 she becomes unbeatable if she lands that first uppercut (and has done attack speed gear).

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Not true. All you have to do is sprint out of it or quick melee even if she has attack speed gear on.

It might be that I run an epic that increases attack speed and movement speed but in my experience, even when hit with quick melee I can catch up quickly enough that it did basically nothing.

Characters that can get out of it (fairly) easily include:


The last two can absolutely just sprint out of it, they are fast AF, the other three can fly out of it. Other than that I have never had someone escape me once I have hit them with the uppercut unless an ally joins to help them out. With the exception of a poorly chosen (on my part) Pheobe the other day, my HP was already low, and I attacked her… And she attacked me… And things went badly for me.

I’ve started to play with her and I’m really liking her style. I have gear that greatly increases my attack speed (up to 15.40%!) and it just kicks ass. I haven’t tried her in PvP though, but at the moment in story mode, she’s really fun to play.