Deande gives team health?

Really enjoying playing her now…
Just noticed in the game stats she’s listed as providing health to the team in PvE.
Does her Life Steal go to the team?

Where did you see this? I’ve never noticed my life steal going to anyone else. I know life steal counts towards healing done on the stats screen, but not healing others in the process.

Look at the game game stats, the center column, when I play Thorn it’s all zeros but I’m on top with Deande.

This is your life steal if you after the game go to the right on the scoreboard you will see the number will match with healing received and healing given. On xbox its right trigger I think to scroll the scoreboard. Its only possible when the match is finished

Still confused…Look at the shot below, Miko and I gave health, it appears anyway.

Press L to scroll right. Go in solo in a mission and get some a bit further then the start and then you will see also healing given then when the mission is finished you can see on the score board that your healing given and received are exactly the same meaning this score is just for healing yourself not others

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That makes sense, thanks :sunny:

… She’s such a Bi@@@@, walking around just healing herself. :smiling_imp: