Deande is gonna trigger people

(RedX) #1

Just saw the patch notes:

VOZF Update:
Vow of Zealous Fury: Removed the stacking component of the Legendary effect. Activating a skill now grants a maximum of +8.40% Attack Speed for 5 seconds
(So instead of the atk stacking you will get the full boost for only 5 seconds upon skill activation- that’s how I read it at least).

Combine it with Doomsday Key and a shard gain or another gear of your choice and trigger away!

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(Velocitas est Vita) #2

Add a recently-buffed Bolas for maximum destruction.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #3

Deande already triggers people with 1000+ damage on Burst Dash. @Nemosis327 was accused of cheating about a week ago and he’s not even on PC.

(Velocitas est Vita) #4

Yeah - Bola’s, +Shield battery and Doomsday Key with Calculated Risk helix coming out of stealth. I’ve been on the receiving end first hand, and it’s not pretty.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #5

I was just thinking something more like this

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And you could replace the shield with the epic version but that’s just too expensive.

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(ThisWasAMistake ) #6

So how is Deande going to trigger, even more people after the update? She wasn’t touched in the patch notes and as Blaine said, she already triggers people lol

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #7

Basically god like attack speed after burst dash melting people in seconds. This build already exists but it’s just a little bit easier to do now.

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(Deandes in crime ) #8


is it just me or can we already do this? 1.68 x5 is the same 8.4 bonus. And if I remember correctly those stacks don’t decay (could be wrong, dont use the gear piece that much). IF they don’t decay then then running the same two gear piece would be more effective before the patch than after. If the stacks do decay then someone tell me the decay time plz.

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Bola’s Target Finder: Increased the damage amplification of the Legendary effect from a maximum of 5.60% to a maximum of 12.60%

as for this old thing, yes it now has more potential with her, but what exactly are you trying to do? I’m guessing since this is a thread about triggering “people” you mean players. enemy players. So that’s three legendaries you are taking into a pvp battle. You’ll spend the first 10 minutes just gathering shards and not killing people (believe me I know, i use to run a tri legendary burst dash load out long long ago).

Additionally, while buffing Deande’s melee combo can be fun, it can really suck too. You all know that the hitbox is small and that Deande is slow. it’s kinda a second tier tactic as opposed to shield stacking IMO. But maybe things are easier on PC. Damn it’s been so long since I played on PC I forgot about my beloved mouse accuracy.

Anyway, if I may, i shall leave this here, then dash off and disappear.

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Note - im assuming the secondary on the blue procs off of CR. if someone actually tests it let me know what you find and if it doesn’t work then replace it with this
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-End Note

if everything works correctly then that’s an added 31.08% attack speed bonus as opposed to the 29.4 of the original idea without the Bola’s. with the bola’s the attack speed would be higher but I would just put a shard generator there if you intend to run two legendaries.

@blainebrossart1 did you see that one guy who sent different messages to drool and me in the same game before rage quiting? best hate mail of the first half of the week so far.

but ive said too much already.

*activates holotwin and runs

(RedX) #9

^^ this all day.


Deande can already trigger people… Doomsday key, SEoA and some other atk speed gear . stacks last upon death

(Deandes in crime) #11

Going to have fun trying out all these deadly new builds. :smiling_imp:
Especially since Bola’s now has a 12% damage amp.

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