Deande is so very

Blah! Assassin in MOBAs mean you 100-0 quickly but unloading everying and dissappearing after. He kit say, “I will kill!” In execution, however, it is very lack luster. Her atrack speed is slow, especially for her damage out put. Deande’s talent says she is biuld for speed, lethally, and agilty. But she jumps like cement is in her shoes! Her foot speed need a buff. Even with boots, i felt like she was running in tar. I was bearly out running Montana!

Her ult is dangrous to her, you can kill her while her physical body isn’t there. The Holoclone is cool and performed as expected but that is really it. Her fan dash is cool, but there is no set up for the dash and the damage is bad.

Deande could be very fun to use, a female Loki. But it seems like GB wanted to play it safe intead of making a of the characters dope. Just my thoughts

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As a rank 38 character she feels very lackluster. I tried her out for a few rounds and the overall kit just wasn’t impressive for an Assassin style type.

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I gotta say, she’s pretty underwhelming. Which is a shame because i was really excited to play her. Her kit seemed perfect to me.

My problems with her are that, like previously said, she seems very slow attacking wise. Rath swings his swords like they’re feathers but she swings her fans like they’re made of concrete. The dash is alright but it’s really short and the windup is too long. Doesn’t help that it also pushes people away from you which is really not what you want. Her ult is so… weird. Once again you have this long windup for very little payoff. Most enemies will get out of your range before you can even pull it off. Finally, the most irritating thing to me is that her cooldowns are just so damn long.

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I agree completely about the ult. I never used it cause the cast was as bad as having accidentally taunted. Plus it felt a little under powered in story when it couldn’t kill three minions that my burst rush just took out no problem. I can’t agree about the speed or jumping. I never had any trouble breaking away from any one unless I got swarmed and all the jumps I missed were just me being clumsy or panicking. I really enjoyed her aside from the flimsy ult.

You’re better off playing Shayne and Aurox imo.

I agree that Shayne and Aurox seem to be the better stealth choice. The boomerangs are certainly better than throwing your fans. And they have the benefit of being a lot beefier.

Deande it good but her assasin potential is a bit meh. And her ult is AWESOME if u play as a team and sucks in solo. U can basically stun the whole enemy team and do significant damage. Have an orendi or what ever throw a shadowpillar and its GG. I see a lot of ppl complaining on heroes bc they dont win 1v1… This is a team game u are not rambo. The only one tht is so op she is broken is ambra.i dont even want to play hr bc of that even though she was my fav char before

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I don’t know if you know this but Deande is an Assassin. That means if you are alone and she see you, you are dead. Not I’ll hold you for my team. In any moba the assassin job is to kill other players to keep them down in LV. Deade is just bad at her job

Savage I know that she is an assasin m8 and her burst damage should behigher. What I mean is I see lots of ppl complain they dont 1v1 a brawler or tank. Deande should be able to EAT a marquis, thorn or miko with ease and that is kind of an assasins role. Take out the squishys.

What I wanted to bring to light is that she still has great teamplay potential

I played alot of games with her on the alpha, and it matters how you play her and if you have the rank 5 helix upgrade. This upgrade makes every 4th hit of your combo pop-up and if you’re good with your tracking and have alot of attack speed, you can infinitely juggle.

What upgrade is that? Is it a Mutation?

Yeah. My bad. That’s what I meant by upgrade. You get it when you hit character rank 5. The mutation itself is taken at 3.

Her Lv3 mutation is very solid for juggle mind games. if you didn’t get burst dash in on uncloak, if you track fine, u can use it on them then or save for if they happen to dash out since burst dash covers some distance (doesn’t work versus all characters of course). Also note overshield looks to give an attack speed boost there so that and attack speed gear with a pocket Reyna + shield additional dmg augment for burst dash possibly~

I definitely agree she needs some help. It really just feels like wasted potential at this time. I’ll tinker with her more on PC to see how she’ll fair there without hindrance of fps dips and forced acceleration on pad.

So after playing her more, she’s not as bad as I originally thought. She really rewards good positioning. However she still feels slow. I can live with the attack speed as it is, but her move speed is also pretty slow. Coming out of base with my friend playing Ambra (for lore), he was able to run right past me no problem. That goes for most characters. I feel like she should definitely be closer to the top in terms of move speed.

I actually think Deande is pretty good, but I agree wholeheartedly- she moves/jumps much too slowly!

This can be done, but to what end? Eventually your target will either get away, pop an ability, or have back-up incoming. I main Deande, after trying multiple gear on her that ranged from attack speed, attack damage, movement speed, +critical hit, skill power, cooldown reduction, and anything else that I felt would benefit her as an Assassin. I don’t think it’s her kit that needs help, it’s her overall damage that needs to be buffed. Whether it’s an increase in her basic attack damage, or an increase to her skills damage, either way she needs to be buffed.

PvE she underperforms to Brawlers i.e. Galilea, she’s an Assassin, and currently her damage doesn’t reflect the role at all. Even her ultimate does minimal damage, sure it stuns, but you have to expose yourself charging it for about 5 seconds. Easily enough time to get blown up in both PvP & PvE.

Despite this I enjoy Deande, I like Holotwin, I like Burst Dash, I like the characters lore, and most of all I like the design behind the character in general. Whether she gets a buff or not won’t stop me from playing her, and if Alani is in the same boat as Deande is now, it won’t stop me from playing her either.

I guess we’ll all just have to see what Gearbox does.

I mained Deande during the open beta and I was highly impressed. I don’t think she needs a rework or a buff, I think more people need to learn how to play her or just accept that she doesn’t suit everybody.
I saw many Deande players use her as a lead slayer and that simply is not what she is, she’s not like Rath or Phoebe where they can charge in and chain kills, she’s best played from the backline throwing her fans to deal enough damage to either sneak in for a quick kill or force the target back. You have to be patient and opportunistic, but when that opportunity comes you have to be sure you’ll get the kill then take your shot quickly before the enemy team realises what you’ve done.
I think her ult is great, once again you have to be patient it’s not a guaranteed kill like Rath’s or Phoebe’s but when your enemy has low health you sneak in and strike before they can escape. It also doubles as an assisting attack with CC, if you see a major threat who you can’t beat in a 1-on-1 like Ambra or Galilea just call out to your team and stun lock the target with your ult while they focus their attacks as well. Once the threat is down you press on and make an advance before they respawn, Deande works well when she has free roam of the map and can control her own killing zone. She’s great on Incursion but is also a slow starter so again patience is key to playing her. Once you get to level 5 she’s near unstoppable.
I’ve gone 10-0, 12-0, 16-2, 17-5 and 19-6 with Deande and even in games where I didn’t get a lot of kills I didn’t die a lot if at all, she’s best at holding the defensive line and waiting for an enemy to make that first advance or eventually a fatal mistake that you can capitalise on.
She’s not for everyone and I love that, if she’s reworked or buffed then she wont be an advanced character anymore and she’ll just become another Rath or Phoebe, there are multiple melee slayers but there’s only one Deande :slight_smile:
I’ve seen so many people complain that the characters or mechanics in this game are too similar to other games, you’re the first I’ve seen complain that they aren’t. Can’t please everyone, eh?