Deande needs some work

So I’ll start this by saying I Deande is one of the characters I have mastered. She can be fun to play at times but considering she is one of the last characters you unlock, I would have figured she’d be stronger. Here are my problems with her. Since I’m currently mastering Rath I’ll be looking at the differences between the two which allow one to dominate and the other, not so much. There’s a reason you always see a Rath in a game but rarely a Deadne any more. That’s because, right now, she stinks like poop.

Movement Speed
Deande is so slow when compared to a Rath or El Dragon. She’s tiny! She should be the fastest of the melees but right now Rath’s natural speed is far faster. You can use your strike or clone attack to close distances but that requires giving up the AOE on her strike and she already has ■■■■ lane clear. Most ingagements I get into before I have my slow or uppercut, the enemy can escape by running backwards. When you get the slow, this helps but only when you uncloak. Having her speed boosted would allow her to enter and exit engagements and still utilize her cloak to finish stragglers. If you’re using your cloak for the slow, it’ll probably be on cool down when you need to escape.

Strike Zone
I call the area where melees are thrown by a character the strike zone. Rath has long swords and, generally, strikes in horizontal and vertical strikes. His strike box is huge when compared to Deande’s. In many fights you will be hitting multiple enemies at once. Deande has a problem since her fans are shorter and SHE SWINGS DIAGANOLY. Instead of having a large square in front of her to land attacks, she has a vertical rectangle. So she is basically limited to single target attacks. I would be ok with this, if other aspects of her design made up for this but they don’t. The uppercut helps in single target engagements but in group fights you are basically knocking up yourself as well when you knock up someone else. Good luck trying to lane clear with a stupid uppercut. It’s handy for thrills, sure but it sucks for minions and turrets. So as we stand now, she is slow to navigate and/or engage, has single target damage but what about her ult?

Ult is Underwhelming
I imagine early on that maybe she was built strong but they feared her being to powerful because almost all aspects of her are inferior to other melee characters. So her Ult, yes it can stun a whole team but you must be very lucky. If it does, you did very little damage to each of them. This ability is sting on incursion but is very meh on other maps. Yes you stun them for other people but you probably won’t get the kill. If you catch a single target full health. I’d be surprised if I got the kill for my Ult alone. It doesn’t slow afterwards and since there’s a delay for Deande when she comes out, they can just walk away. But a dreadwind can kill a squishy every time, sometimes two or three.

In conclusion, she is a wasted character right now. I’m not saying other characters should be weaker, I’m saying she should be stronger. I like her skill set and I think she’d be fun to use if she were improved but as it stands, she just can’t hold up against the big boys.


I agree on almost all accounts. I mastered her a while back but haven’t really touched her in weeks. The range of her attack is too short, and her damage is way to weak. The ult makes for a good stun but that’s all.

Movement speed should be upped to at least raths
Her attack should be stronger (shes supposed to be a hit and run character but at the moment its a hit and the enemy walks away)
Ult needs to be changed in some way. First off it should activate on a 2 button press, 1 to aim, 1 to use. Instead right now its press it once…wait…ok there it goes, oh I didn’t even do 1/8th dmg to anyone, cool. Even if it gets 1 target it doesn’t do enough damage to be viable. Then after, like you said, it takes 1-2 seconds to pop out of your ult and they are already out of range!

If she is built like an assassin then she should murder the weaker characters, the ones that are over extended or sneaking behind the enemy picking off the Marquis. but right now Marq would just laugh, bubble and walk away.

What separates Deande from Él Dragon and Rath is that she has high heels. Have you tried walking in platforms? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But on a more serious note, while Deande can still perform very well (If in the hands of a good player, so can any character, so that might not be saying much) but she is definitely… lacking something. I think I was expecting more of a stealth assassin than what she ends up being.

Starting a clone balooza in The Heliophage is always fun, though. Deande here, Deande over there, Deande everywhere!

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Yes indeed, sir. The most obvious need for her is move speed. Having most of your prey walk away is frustrating and no character should have to rely on a mutation(uppercut and slow) to be combat effective. I even tried putting on speed gear and it did squat. I hope they fix her soon.

Oh god, another post from somebody complaining about a character that is perfectly fine. learn to use her cuz there is nothing wrong with her. stop comparing her to other characters. i feel alot of players try to play characters like other characters when almost all the characters play different from each other

I’m sorry, you’re right. That’s why everyone uses her over any other melee.

how much play time do you have on deande??

players use other melee characters cuz they are easier to play with not cuz they are necessarily better. every character has their strengths. you just have to put in the time and learn what they are.

Um, I have her mastered, as I’ve mentioned in my post. I’ve played 76 matches with her. I’ve gotten 402 players kills and 287 deaths with her. I’m sure others have played her more but I think it’s fair to say I probably understand how to use her. Please re-read my post because I state clearly my issues with her and that I love her skill set but it is not on par with similar characters.

Most of what you said is fine. But the first half could have either been reworded, or completely left out.
It dosnt come off too nicely…

Try to be a wee bit more constructive. Maybe give some advice :slight_smile:


It’s a fairly common view that Deande is underpowered. Just have a look at this thread: Melee Tier List

Indeed. I’ve put more hours into this game than most. I even wrote up a guide for new and mid level players. I don’t understand the need for hostility.

I’m gonna have to agree with all the points mentioned. I like her whole idea, even bought the skin for her. I mained Phoebe before using her and Deande just feels really underwhelming in all aspects imo. She’s the only assassin in the game that has a hard time assassinating anyone else, and thus, the fear factor for her isn’t there. Usually you would be wary about getting caught alone against Raths and Phoebes but Deande not so much, especially when most characters can just outrun her, since she only gets her slow at level six (not too sure about this). That and her really wonky melee range as well, to the point where her Holotwin has a better time hitting opponents than myself! She definitely needs a buff to her movement speed, maybe give her the ability to attack while sprinting? And her melee hitbox needs to be looked at as well.

Everything I absolutely agree on, I play as her because I like her play style but yes, she is slow, her ult is underwhelming, and she could use a little more touches to make her a better character than before.

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you are totally correct. i really dont mean to sound like an a-hole. but everyday someone post about some character saying rework/nerf/buff this on a character. i think the game is in a perfect place as far as character balance.

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Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

really cant take that tread serious after reading that atticus was a the bottom tier melee character.

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idk bout yall, but i make it my mission to get really good with the charater that th community is constantly complaining about (WF, Benedict, Bouldour, Atticus) but after reading this deande will be my next project after i finish up el’ dragon.

Here’s the thing, if you disagree with any of the points I posted, please state why. The whole “get good” thing doesn’t really provide any insight or address any of my points. YOU didn’t address any of my points. I’ve played her plenty. I’ve had great games. But I have gotten no where need to 30 kills with Deande but it’s not that tough with Rath. Easier and effective are two separate criteria. That’s why you always see a Rath instead of a Deande. A good Rath is much stronger than a good Deande. I would just like to have the option to choose Deande and be At least close to as effective.


It has nothing to do with “getting good” I can murder anyone with any character I play. I top perform on charts when I play DPS and a good chunk of the time as support.

Just because a person can adapt and overcome a characters weaknesses does not mean they are balanced.