Deande nerf on holotwin clone?

I know she wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, and maybe I’m going crazy, but on her level 2 left augment, did they change it from 50% extra holotwin damage to 25? Did they nerf it 25%?

It was always a 25% increase, the description was just confused beforehand.

What he said. If you look at the patch notes you’ll find it at the bottom somewhere. I know they mentioned it.

Are you assuming my gender?

I mean, you’re right…but still…

what that’s lame holotwin was never op

Read the first comment. It wasn’t actually a nerf.


In my opinion though, the Holotwin itself could use a little adjusting, since it dies nigh-on instantaneously, even in you take the awful +30% health helix over the damage one. It’s really only useful for doing a tiny amount of damage before it explodes (The actual use for it, honestly), or to use right before Blink Storm co it can go ham on a stunned enemy, hopefully doing enough damage to kill. (Since Deande’s ult isn’t even enough to kill a lower level Deande from full health/partially damaged)

Have you ever tried setting you kills up in the order of Holotwin, burst dash, ult, while taking the Culling and the Holotwin damage?

If you get it right the Holotwin attacks the stunned enemy and explodes before they get un-stunned.

If you absolutely need one thing to die then this is the way to go.

imo the Holotwin is fine. But that’s just me. I’m so used to it that I will often use my Holotwin to sandwich someone in a corner with myself and prevent their escape. Or do a plethora of other things with it.

Fun pro tip: try to synchronize a taunt with you and your Holotwin after a kill for maximum salt gains.

Also…I’m not trying to assume anyone’s gender. I’m just playing Deande. Anything else is tangential to the point of my existence and should not be taken in offence, as since it is not a topic concerning Deande I am not well versed in it.

Okay but really, my bad. At 12 in the night I was just spamming words out.


The holotwin is just fine as it is. It’s remarkably useful for a distraction and you’d be surprised at how many people actually fall for it and waste their skills, leaving them vulnerable for a nice burst dash. The explosion damage is great too, I’ve gotten more kills than I should have, some unintentionally, with those clones as they just prioritise and blow up on players. It’s really quite amusing. And provided it’s a 1v1 situation, (2v1 if you count the clone) no character with a low HP pool can survive the Deande ult/clone combo from element of surprise. Well, they might… but it will definitely do a lot of damage, and it’s nothing that a burst dash can’t finish. :wink:

Not in that order, since BD would leave me more vulnerable with the stripped shield, plus it would move me closer to my target, which would make it harder for me to make sure I only get them inside the radius. I don’t take the Culling, since it’s a temporary, situational enhancement. I was only mentioning the Holotwin’s health helix because it’s rarely, if ever, picked. The damage one is universally better, even if just slightly.

I suppose I’m different from the norm, since I like to use the Holotwin as a more psychological thing, rather than rushing into a fight, hoping I can get to the enemy before they two-shot it. (I take Wonder Twins at level one, since I like lifesteal and I often need more sustainability, since I rarely get support from teammates, no offence to anyone who’s played with me.)

@Phoenix-2613 I agree with that, and I sometimes find myself going to attack a Holotwin myself (But then check myself, stand back and watch for a second to see). I’ve gotten quite a few kills with the Holotwin explosion too, but my point does stand that the +health helix isn’t very good, either because the damage is straight up better, or because the Holotwin isn’t durable enough for it to begin with.

Like I said, I used Holotwin, then ulted a lower-level Deande, which can target people in stealth. She survived, used holotwin after getting unstunned, which thanks to BS’s self-stun I wasn’t able to close in to get much damage before she ulted me, but thanks to the low damage (Relatively), I didn’t die from it and an ally finally came over and got the kill. (She was right next to their last sentry, so I didn’t really want to push that far with half health or less.)

You should try that combo. Just a little. Trust ol’ nemo, have I ever led you wrong? :wink:

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If I have the presence of mind to remember it, I shall. Old habits die hard though, so it could take awhile for me to try it, and longer to adapt it into my routine.