Deande popup CC?

I’m just now starting to understand Deande but I just played an incursion and the opposing team had a higher leveled Deande.
I’m almost certain she was hitting me with a popup crowd control every time we squared off.
Is this a mutation I have yet to unlock or am I missing something else entirely?

I think it’s is her 3rd level up. It adds a knock up for her basic Melee attack at the end of her combo. It sounds op but you have to sacrifice life steal for it.

It’s the Mutation “Uppercut”. Lvl 3 in the skill tree but I forget what character lvl you need.

3rd mutation like the other two said. Great for 1v1 exchanges if the Deande has really high attack speed gear, otherwise it is actually very easy to dodge out of for most characters barring Montana and Toby sized enemies.

Sadly you A. Sacrifice life steal and B. Pop up in the air with them making you a target for any teammates your target has around them, meaning it is really only useful to pick out the dumb lone wolf types. Generally I pick it myself because as Deande I focused down the enemy buildables early on and keep them down until I see said lone wolf type and then mark him/her for eternal juggle. It works well unless he/she happens to be Orendi who, for some reason, can and WILL get out of it everytime regardless of your attack speed and then nuke your squishy booty.

Thank you all. I’ll just have to level her up in story mode because I suck hardcore in pvp with her.